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Title: Development of the good food planning tool: A food system approach to food security in indigenous Australian remote communities.
Authors: Brimblecombe JK
van den Boogaard C
Wood B
Liberato SC
Brown J
Barnes A
Rogers A
Coveney J
Ritchie J
Bailie RS
Citation: Health & place 2015-07; 34: 54-62
Abstract: Few frameworks exist to assist food system planning, especially for Indigenous Australian remote communities. We developed a Good Food Planning Tool to support stakeholders to collectively plan and take action for local food system improvement. Development occurred over a four-year period through an evolving four phase participatory process that included literature review, several meetings with representatives of various organisations and communities and application of the Tool with multi-sector groups in each of four Indigenous Australian remote communities. A diverse range of 148 stakeholders, 78 of whom were Indigenous, had input to its development. Five food system domains: (i) Leadership and partnerships; (ii) Traditional food and local food production; (iii) Food businesses; (iv) Buildings, public places and transport; (v) Community and services and 28 activity areas form the framework of the Tool. The Good Food Planning Tool provides a useful framework to facilitate collective appraisal of the food system and to identify opportunities for food system improvement in Indigenous Australian remote communities, with potential for adaptation for wider application.
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Journal title: Health & place
Publication Date: 2015-07
Type: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2015.03.006
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