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Title: Prevention of perinatal hepatitis B virus transmission: are we following guidelines?
Authors: Markey, Peter G
White, Helena A
Matthews, Alexander T
Strebor, Charles R
Krause, Vicki
Citation: Communicable diseases intelligence quarterly report 2017-09-01; 41(3): E195-E198
Abstract: It is recommended that infants born to women with hepatitis B infection should have serological review following completion of a four dose vaccination schedule. A review was undertaken on 102 neonates who received hepatitis B immunoglobulin to ascertain the proportion that were fully immunised and then followed up. Of the 66 infants for whom data were available, 65 (98.5%) had appropriately received four doses of hepatitis B vaccine in infancy and a further child had received three doses. Only 19/66 (29%; 95%CI: 18-41%) infants had documented follow-up serology results, one of whom was infected and one of whom was immune through clearance of infection. All children who had no serology documented were traced and offered testing in primary care. Our results demonstrate that although adherence to the vaccination schedule in this group of infants was good, mechanisms for ensuring that infants receive serology testing need to be strengthened.
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Journal title: Communicable diseases intelligence quarterly report
Publication Date: 2017-09-01
ISSN: 1447-4514
Type: Journal Article
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