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Title: Berrimah Farm and Berrimah Prison biting insect assessment
Authors: Warchot A
Whelan PI
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHF
Abstract: The Northern Territory Government proposes to convert Berrimah Farm on the southern outskirts of Darwin, NT into an urban residential subdivision. Areas of Berrimah Farm are located within 1.5km of tidal mangrove areas, and were expected to experience seasonal populations of pest biting midges. Seasonally flooded areas located within and adjacent to Berrimah Farm were also expected to be sources of pest and disease carrying mosquitoes. Due to the potential for significant populations of biting insects, the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) commissioned Medical Entomology (ME), of the Department of Health and Families (DHF) to conduct a biting insect assessment of the Berrimah Farm site.
Publication Date: 2009-09
Type: Technical Report
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