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Title: A confirmed case of fatal Murray Valley encephalitis acquired in the Batchelor area, NT
Authors: Kurucz N
Whelan PI
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHF
Abstract: A 58 year old male from Batchelor (Miles Rd) was admitted to Royal Darwin Hospital on 10/3/09 with suspected MVE (suspected onset date 8/3/09). A RDH doctor informed Medical Entomology (ME) of the suspected case on 13/3/09 but advised that test results were still pending. The patient remained in ICU for 10 days and passed away on 20/3/09. ME received the Flavivirus Disease Case Investigation Form from CDC on 24/3/09. Later test results indicated a significant rise in antibodies in the HI test and MVE IgM in the CSF, with MVE-RNA detected in multiple postmortem brain samples on 1/4/09. According to the patient’s wife, her husband was bitten by mosquitoes on his rural property but had not been to Litchfield Park or any other rural areas.
Publication Date: 2009-04
Type: Technical Report
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