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Title: Proposed strategic aerial control trails (i.e. trials) of major Ochlerotatus vigilax breeding sites that affect Wallaby Beach and Nhulunbuy Township
Authors: Shortus M
Whelan PI
Carter JM
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: Nhulunbuy is situated in Arnhem Land on the Gove Peninsula, approximately 650km east of Darwin. It is a mining community associated with Alcan Mining. The Nhulunbuy Corporation is responsible for conducting mosquito control operations around Nhulunbuy. Mosquito control includes a combination of larvicide and adult fogging operations that are conducted by a contractor. Since 1993 large peaks of the salt marsh mosquito have been recorded in some of the routine adult traps that are set around the Gove Peninsula. It is important to investigate reasons for the large population spike that occurs at the start of each wet season, and to take appropriate control measures.
Publication Date: 2005-08
Type: Technical Report
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