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Title: Mosquito breeding survey Vesteys Lake 15 January 2008
Authors: Warchot, Allan
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: Vesteys Lake is one of the most significant and productive mosquito breeding sites in Darwin Urban for the northern salt marsh mosquito Aedes vigilax. Historically the area was a disturbed salt marsh/mud flat habitat with numerous tidal pools and drainage lines, which were breeding sites for Ae. vigilax and other mosquito species (PER 1988). Aedes vigilax is the principal pest mosquito in areas of Darwin Urban near the coast, and is a potential vector of Ross River virus (RRV) and Barmah Forest virus (BFV). The Conservation Commission of the NT commenced construction of the lake in 1988, and Darwin City Council assumed responsibility of the lake some time after construction was completed. The construction of the lake and surrounds resulted in the creation of new and extensive Aedes vigilax breeding sites. The lake itself has never become a mosquito breeding site, but the surrounding landscape has been a significant breeding site for Aedes vigilax from the inception of the lake to the present, 20 years later. The mosquito breeding sites were the result of suitable grades not being applied to many areas. There has been some works over the years by Medical Entomology and DCC (under the combined Mosquito Engineering Program) to remove mosquito breeding sites, which have been successful in reducing the extent of various mosquito breeding sites, but there are still further works required to prevent mosquito breeding.
Description: Updated in February 2009.
Publication Date: 2008-02
Type: Technical Report
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