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Title: Muirhead biting insect assessment
Authors: Warchot A
Whelan PI
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in conjunction with GHD Pty Ltd proposes to develop the new residential suburb of Muirhead in Darwin, located north of the existing Northern Suburbs between Buffalo Creek and Lee Point Road. Muirhead is located on Lot 9737 Town of Nightcliff. Lot 9737 was previously used as a defence facility, and around one third of Lot 9737 has been cleared of trees and shrubs. The majority of lots were proposed to be urban residential, with some rural residential lots, and land set aside for commercial and education as well as open space. Based on the proximity of the development to known mosquito and potential biting midge breeding sites, there is likely to be a number of biting insect problems in various sections of the development area.
Publication Date: 2008-02
Type: Technical Report
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