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Title: Frances Creek Mine baseline mosquito assessment
Authors: Warchot A
Whelan PI
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: Territory Iron Limited proposes to develop an open cut iron ore mining operation at Frances Creek, 180 kilometres south-east of Darwin. The proposed operation will be on the site of the previous Frances Creek Iron Ore Mine, which operated from 1967 to 1974. It will use remaining infrastructure from the previous operation. Three of five pits will be extensions of existing pits (Frances Creek Project PER, MBS Environmental August 2006). As the proposed mine site contains various water holding features such as dams and pits, as well as being located adjacent to ephemeral creek lines, there was the likelihood that pest and disease carrying mosquito species would be present at the mine site. Mining operations have the potential to create new mosquito breeding sites through the excavation of pits, construction of sediment ponds and dams, waste water disposal, construction of waste dumps, pit dewatering activities and the construction of roads. Mine operations also have the potential to introduce new mosquito species into the Northern Territory, such as the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti from North Queensland, if equipment was to be sourced from this area.
Publication Date: 2007-10
Type: Technical Report
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