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Title: Nhulunbuy and Wallaby Beach mosquito investigation 20-23 March 1995
Authors: Montgomery, Brian L
Love, Barbara
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: Nhulunbuy is situated in Arnhem Land on the Gove Peninsula, approximately 650 km east of Darwin. It is a mining community of approximately 3,000 people associated with Nabalco Mines. The Nhulunbuy Corporation is responsible for conducting mosquito control operations in the township and has extended this service to the Wallaby Beach area at the mines request. Mosquito control includes a combination of larvicide and adult fogging operations that are conducted by a pest control contractor (Mr Dave Suter). The primary aim of the current survey (20-23 March 1995) by two officers from the MEB was to review the location of the major existing and potential breeding sites of Ae. vigilax and the common banded mosquito Cx. annulirostris by larval survey. Both of these species were vectors in a previous epidemic of epidemic polyarthritis and Barmah Forest virus (Whelan and Hayes, 1992). Additional traps were also set on 22 March 1995 (particularly at Wallaby Beach) to supplement the routine adult monitoring program of that week.
Publication Date: 1995-03
Type: Technical Report
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