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Title: Biting insects in the proposed Newtown (Weddell) development, Darwin
Other Titles: Weddell biting insect report (running title)
Authors: Whelan PI
Booth D
Kelton W
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHF
Abstract: There are many examples of development in the Darwin region that have led to enormous populations of a range of mosquito species, severely effecting residents in nearby areas and requiring costly rectification. To aid planners in their design of the proposed Newton development, the Medical Entomology section of the department of Health and Families has made collections of biting midges and mosquitoes form march 1984 to April 1985 in and around the proposed development area between the Elizabeth and Blackmore Rivers, south-west of Palmerston. Additional surveys of biting midge breeding areas were made in late 1987. This report analyses the result and suggest methods of minimising the adverse effects of the biting insect present in the proposed development area, and outlines some construction guidelines to avoid exacerbating the problem.
Description: Originally published in May 1988.
Publication Date: 2009-02
Type: Technical Report
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