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Title: Exotic Aedes vector survey, east coast of Northern Territory, 27 April - 15 May 2006
Authors: Shortus, Matthew
Nguyen, Huy T
Whelan, Peter I
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: An invitation was extended to the Medical Entomology Branch (MEB) to accompany the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) on a quarantine operation along the eastern and northern coasts of the Northern Territory (NT) from 27 April 2006 to 15 May 2006. The survey was carried out with the joint cooperation of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on board the HMAS Tarakan. The operation began at Mornington Island, Queensland, and extended east to the Wessel Islands on the northeast coast of the Northern Territory. The major objectives of the operation for AQIS were to; investigate and report on the logistical difficulties encountered during the survey, with a view to future operations; establish links with local outstations and communities, and to educate on the importance of recognising and reporting a quarantine risk; to survey and collect samples (termites, ants etc.) from any potential landing sites of international foreign fishing vessels (IFFV); and to engage with local indigenous ranger groups. The major role of MEB personnel was to carry out the mosquito vector surveillance aspects of the scientific surveys and assist AQIS with educating and liaising with the communities, particularly on the issue of exotic mosquito vector incursions.
Publication Date: 2006-07
Type: Technical Report
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