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This collection includes annual reports, information guides, newsletters, fact sheets and other publications.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material.


Recent Submissions

Service Plan 2022-23 - NT Regional Health Services
2022-06-28 Plan
Service Plan 2022-23 - Performance Framework
2022-06-28 Plan
Public Health Management of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease in the Northern Territory Guideline
Merridew, Nancy,Birrell, Johanna 2022-05-18 Guidelines
Defining the roles of Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Health Practitioners
2022-04 FactSheet
Supplying medicines without a prescription
2022-04 FactSheet
Access to Medicinal Cannabis and CBD oil in the Northern Territory
2022-04 FactSheet
Dispensing Medicines for Pharmacists
2022-04 Guidelines
S8 Destruction Information Sheet
2022-04 FactSheet
Northern Territory Mental Health Clinical Collaborative Terms of Reference
Barnett, Thomas 2022-03 Guidelines
Emergency Kits
2022-02-18 Guideline
Biting Midge Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2022
2022 Calendar
NT Health Aboriginal Health Plan 2021-2031
2022 Policy
Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework 2018-2023 Implementation Plan 36 Month Progress report
2022 Report
Overview of NT Health Research Governance Process Flowchart
Tenorio, Fransisca 2022 Other
Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2022
2022 Calendar
Development and Application of Targeted Genotyping to Enhance Sexually Transmitted Infections Surveillance in the Northern Territory
Menouhos, Dimitrios 2022 Article
Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 2012 Exemption from Requirement to Give Information
Heggie, Hugh 2021-12-17 Other
Healthy pregnancy healthy baby
2021-12-14 Book
NF2 Application for a New or Changes to Pharmacy Business
Department of Health 2021-12 Application
NF1 Change of Ownership of a Pharmacy Business
Department of Health 2021-12 Fact Sheet
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