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Title: Attracting and keeping nursing professionals in an environment of chronic labour shortage: a study of mobility among nurses and midwives in the Northern Territory of Australia
Authors: Garnett, Stephen
Coe, Kristal
Golebiowska, Kate
Walsh, Helen
Zander, Kerstin
Guthridge, Steve
Li, Shu Qin
Malyon, Rosalyn
Corporate Author: Research and Innovation
Citation: Garnett, S. T., Coe, K., Golebiowska, K., Walsh, H., Zander, K.K., Guthridge, S., Li, S., & Malyon, R. 2008, Attracting and Keeping Nursing Professionals in an Environment of Chronic Labour Shortage: A Study of Mobility among Nurses and Midwives in the Northern Territory of Australia. Charles Darwin University Press, Darwin
Publisher: Charles Darwin University Press
Abstract: This study of mobility among Northern Territory nurses and midwives (including employment of overseas-qualified nurses in the Northern Territory of Australia) has been undertaken in three parts. A team from the School for Social and Policy Research at Charles Darwin University has been responsible for interviewing nurses and midwives and using that to prepare a questionnaire that explores motivations for coming to the NT, staying, or leaving the NT workforce. The Health Gains Planning branch of the Department of Health and Families has been responsible for analysing statistical data on turnover rates and determining the economic costs of nurse and midwife turnover. The report itself is provided by Charles Darwin University for consideration by the Department of Health and Families who will respond to recommendations based on this and other complementary information.
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-921576-00-3
Type: Report
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