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Title: Beyond the pamphlet: an overview of evidence for health promotion initiatives to address four risk factors
Authors: Health Promotion Strategy Unit, DHCS
Publisher: Health Promotion Strategy Unit, DHCS
Abstract: The tables that comprise the body of this report summarise selected reviews of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion interventions to promote behaviour change in 4 main areas: alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, physical activity, and depression. These were 4 areas selected as main modifiable risk factors that influence the major Burden of Disease for the NT, namely cardiovascular disease and mental disorders. Reviews were studied in a search for evidence that indicates effective interventions across the life course, looking at early years, adolescence, family years and granny years. The reviews on which this overview is based were selected though advice provided by program managers in the relevant areas. The findings present interventions that have been demonstrated to be effective in achieving behaviour change in settings where they were evaluated. The information provided in this report is offered for consideration, alongside local knowledge of existing programs and contexts.
Publication Date: 2005-07
Type: Report
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