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Title: The time has come for an Australian centre for disease control
Authors: McCall BJ
Young MK
Cameron S
Givney R
Hall R
Kaldor J
Koehler A
Krause V
Selvey C
Citation: McCall, B. J., Young, M. K., Cameron, S., Givney, R., Hall, R., Kaldor, J., Koehler, A., Krause, V., & Selvey, C. (2013). The time has come for an Australian centre for disease control. Australian Health Review, 37(3), 300–303.
Abstract: Australia is now unique in being the only Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development country without a recognised separate authority for national scientific leadership in communicable disease control. Different nations have different models to deliver this function, but all are composed of professionals with a degree of independence from government, to ensure that there is a clear separation between politically sensitive decision making, and the advice and tools needed to inform best practice from a technical perspective.
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Journal title: Australian Health Review
Volume: 37
Pages: 300-303
Publication Date: 2013-01-01
ISSN: 0156-5788
Type: Journal Article
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