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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1-Jan-2023Ultra-Long Transfers for Endovascular Thrombectomy-Mission Impossible?: The Australia-New Zealand Experience.Garcia-Esperon C; Wu TY; Carraro do Nascimento V; Yan B; Kurunawai C; Kleinig T; Selkirk G; Blacker D; Barber PA; Ranta A; Cervera A; Wong A; Mitchell P; Muller C; Rice, Hal; De Villiers L; Jannes J; Beom Hong J; Bailey P; Brown H; Campbell BCV; Wilson D; Fink J; Ang T; Bladin C; Phillips T; Hasnain MG; Butcher K; Miteff F; Levi CR; Spratt NJ; Parsons MWJournal Article; Journal ArticleHumans; Middle Aged; *Brain Ischemia/therapy; Retrospective Studies; New Zealand; *Stroke/diagnostic imaging/surgery; Thrombectomy/methods; *Endovascular Procedures/methods; Treatment Outcome 
2016Ultrasound for remote area midwives : expression of interest to attendDepartment of Health; Nursing and Midwifery BranchReportNursing; Remote 
25-Sep-2018Ultrastructural identification of a proximal tubulopathy without crystals in a relapsed multiple myeloma patient.Brealey JK; Tran Y; Ninnes R; Abeyaratne AJournal Articleelectron microscopy; kidney; multiple myeloma; proximal tubulopathy; ultrastructure 
9-Jul-2022Uncertainty and the unmet informational needs of patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP): a cross-sectional multi-site study.Guccione, Lisa; Fisher, Krista; Mileshkin, Linda; Tothill, Richard; Bowtell, David; Quinn, Stephen; DeFazio, Anna; Karapetis, Chris S; Wilcken, Nicholas; Singh, Madhu; Steer, Christopher; Gao, Bo; Warren, Mark; Collins, Ian M; Karanth, Narayan; Bryant, Cindy; Schofield, PenelopeJournal Article- 
8-May-2019Uncommon presentation of a common condition: necrotizing fasciitis caused by diverticular mircroperforation.Nadeem, Khadijah; Thomas, SabuJournal Article- 
18-Aug-2021Understanding and responding to the cost and health impact of short-term health staffing in remote and rural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled health services: a mixed methods study protocol.Fitts MS; Humphreys J; Dunbar T; Bourke L; Mulholland E; Guthridge S; Zhao Y; Jones MP; Boffa J; Ramjan M; Murakami-Gold L; Tangey A; Comerford C; Schultz R; Campbell N; Mathew S; Liddle Z; Russell D; Wakerman JJournal Article- 
13-Oct-2015Understanding burn injuries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a prospective cohort study.Ivers RQ; Hunter K; Clapham K; Coombes J; Fraser S; Lo S; Gabbe B; Hendrie D; Read DJ; Kimble R; Sparnon A; Stockton K; Simpson R; Quinn L; Towers K; Potokar T; Mackean T; Grant J; Lyons RA; Jones L; Eades S; Daniels J; Holland AJAJournal Article; Multicenter StudyACCIDENT & EMERGENCY MEDICINE; PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY 
1989Understanding the concept of role delineation of hospitals in the Northern TerritoryTeng, J; Department of Health and Community ServicesReportHospitals 
1-Mar-2011Unilateral blindness secondary to acute sphenoid sinusitis.Farboud, A; Trinidade, A; Shakeel, M; Rajapaksa, S; Hanif, JCase Reports; Journal Article- 
12-Oct-2020Unilateral Maxillary Sinus Plasmablastic Lymphoma in an Immunocompetent Patient. An Unusual Occurrence Report and Literature Review.Chicuellar, Nayellin Reyes; Sufyan, Wajiha; Mahendran, SureshJournal Article- 
7-Dec-2020Unintended benefits of a Randomised Control Trial: A demonstration of the impact of coordinated continual professional development in a remote hospital setting.Delima, Jennifer F; Dingwall, Kylie M; Clifford, Sarah; Cairney, Sheree; Smith, James A; Bowden, Stephen CJournal Article- 
1994Union Reefs Project Gold Mine baseline mosquito monitoring report, December 1994Montgomery, Brian L; Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Branch.ReportMosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Union Reefs; Union Reefs (N.T.) 
1996Union Reefs Project Gold Mine extension of baseline mosquito monitoring reportMontgomery, Brian L; Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Branch.ReportUnion Reefs Project Gold Mine extension of baseline mosquito monitoring report; Union Reefs (N.T.) 
2018The unique aspects of chronic hepatitis B infection in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.Davies J; Boutlis CS; Marshall CS; Tong SYC; Davis JSLetter; Comment- 
Jul-2021Unique knowledge, unique skills, unique role: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers in Queensland, Australia.Topp SM; Tully J; Cummins R; Graham V; Yashadhana A; Elliott L; Taylor SeanJournal Article- 
Jul-2003Unique pattern of urinary tract calculi in Australian Aboriginal children.Carson, P J; Brewster, D RJournal Article- 
1-Feb-2023Universal screening may reduce the incidence of late diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip : a systematic review and meta-analysis.Cheok T; Smith T; Wills K; Jennings MP; Rawat J; Foster BJournal Article; Meta-Analysis; Systematic Review; Journal Article; Meta-Analysis; Systematic ReviewHumans; *Delayed Diagnosis/prevention & control; Incidence; *Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip; Braces; Databases, Factual 
2016Unprecedented Melioidosis Cases in Northern Australia Caused by an Asian Burkholderia pseudomallei Strain Identified by Using Large-Scale Comparative Genomics.Price EP; Sarovich DS; Smith EJ; MacHunter B; Harrington G; Theobald V; Hall CM; Hornstra HM; McRobb E; Podin Y; Mayo MJ; Sahl JW; Wagner DM; Keim P; Kaestli M; Currie BJJournal Article- 
2019UNSAFE ways to eat and drink SAFE ways to eat and drinkCentral Australia Health ServicePoster- 
Dec-2018An Unusual Case of Pulmonary Mucormycosis.Thomas S; Pawar B; Fernandes DK; Nayar S; George, P; Cherian SJournal Article-