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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2000Taking care of business [kit] : alcohol & other drugs workplace resourcesBrown, Alyson; Living with Alcohol Program; Territory Health ServicesToolkitEmployee assistance programs; Alcoholism and employment; Alcoholism prevention; Drugs and employment
16-Feb-2018Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Associated With Work-Place Bullying.Malik, Halla; Kangaharan, Nadarajah; Agahari, IanJournal Article-
Dec-2005Tales from the desertStephens, DianneJournal Article-
1986Task Force report on the career structure for nurses in the Northern TerritoryDoherty, Margaret (Margaret Anne); Northern Territory. Task Force on the Career Structure for Nurses. Northern Territory. Dept. of HealthReportNurses -- Northern Territory; Nursing -- Northern Territory; Career development -- Northern Territory
2001Taskforce on Illicit Drugs reportsTaskforce on Illicit DrugsReportIllegal drugs; Working groups; Risk behaviour; Government inquiry
Oct-2016Tastes Good 2016Nutrition and Physical Activity Strategy UnitRecipeHealthy food; Cooking
2001Tastes good, is good: tasty tucker for 10 or moreNutrition and Physical Activity ProgramBookCookery; Lifestyle; Food habits; Aboriginal people; Food
2020TEAMS : CAHSNT Health; Tsai, DannyData SetPractice guidelines;Antibiotics;Application Systems;Intravenous infusions;Cellulitis;Diabetic;Dosing;Nomograms;Meningitis;Inflammatory disease; Pelvic; Pneumonia; Scabies; Shingles; Sepsis; UTI; Urinary tract infection; Bites; Carbuncle; Epiglottitis; Fractures
2018TEAMS : TEHSJohn Shanks; NT HealthData SetPractice guidelines; Anitbiotics; Intravenous infusions; Cellulitis; Dosing; Epiglottitis; Carbuncle; Bites; UTI; Inflammatory disease; Meningitis
Dec-2017TEAMS : Top End Antimicrobial StewardshipJohn shanksData setPractice guidelines; Antibiotics; Application Systems; Intravenous infusions; Cellulitis; Diabetic; Dosing; Nomograms; Meningitis; Inflammatory disease; Pelvic; Pneumonia; Scabies; Shingles; Sepsis; UTI; Urinary tract infection; Bites; Carbuncle; Epiglottitis; Fractures
1989Techniques of early intervention clinical experienceChalmers, Elizabeth; Early Intervention Unit; Royal Darwin Hospital; Territory Health ServicesReportAlcoholism; Prevention; Alcoholism treatment
2-Sep-2014TEHS Antimicrobials Phone AppShanks, John; Shanks, PeterDatasetPractice guidelines; Antibiotics; Application systems; Intravenous infusions; Cytomegalorviruses; Herpes Simplex Virus; HSV; MRSA; Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus; PBS; Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; SAS; Special Access Scheme; Aminoglycosides; Cephalosporins; Fluoroquinolones; Glycopeptides; Carbapenems
15-Aug-2019TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2019-20Department of Health; System PerformanceAgreementNorthern Territory; Health
Mar-2018TEHS Volunteer HandbookDepartment of HealthArticleVolunteer; TEHS; Handbook; Program
6-Jul-2015Telehealth in remote Northern Territory: bridging the gap.Quilty, Simon; Bachmayer, Lisa; Congdon, AndrewComment; Letter; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
19-Jul-2018Telehealth occasions of service (specialist consultation)System Performance and GrantsFactSheetSDA; Annual Report; Reporting; Health Services; Hospital; Clinic
Jun-2015Telemedicine in the Northern Territory: an assessment of patient perceptions in the preoperative anaesthetic clinic.Roberts, Simon; Spain, Brian; Hicks, Chelsea; London, James; Tay, StanleyJournal ArticleIndigenous health; health service evaluation; preoperative assessment; telemedicine evaluation; video conference
Dec-2017Telenephrology: current perspectives and future directions.Rohatgi, Rajeev; Ross, Michael J; Majoni, Sandawana WJournal Articlechronic kidney disease; hemodialysis; telehealth
2017Telling my teacher.Francis, Trudy J; Francis, Joshua RJournal Article-
13-May-2018Temporal trends in paediatric bacterial meningitis in a tropical Australian region: 1992-2014.White, Stephanie; Katf, Hala; Baird, Rob; Francis, JoshuaJournal ArticleIndigenous; bacterial meningitis; immunisation