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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Apr-2022S8 Destruction Information sheetDepartment of HealthFact sheetMedicines Poisons Control; Schedule 8 Substances 
1983Safe food handling techniquesRalston, Adrian; Adams, Cecilia; Northern Territory Department of HealthBookHealth and hygiene; Food handling; Food 
Nov-2009Safe Sex No Regrets: final report on the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families' Safe Sex No Regrets campaignLeach, TimTechnical ReportSafe sex; Sex education; Health promotion; Community education; Public awareness; Radio; Television; Internet; Sexually transmitted diseases; Diagnostic tests; Therapy; Media; Mass screening; Program evaluation 
6-Jul-2020Safer coalmines, happier, healthier and more engaged canaries.Bonning J; Palmer DJ; Skinner C; MacDonald AJournal Article- 
21-Sep-2020Safer In Vitro Drug Screening Models for Melioidosis Therapy Development.Amiss AS; Webb JR; Mayo MJ; Currie BJ; Craik DJ; Henriques ST; Lawrence NJournal Article- 
2020Safer In Vitro Drug Screening Models for Melioidosis Therapy Development.Amiss AS; Webb JR; Mayo MJ; Currie BJ; Craik DJ; Henriques ST; Lawrence NJournal Article- 
Dec-2017Safety and Efficacy of Warfarin Therapy in Remote Communities of the Top End of Northern Australia.Dennis J; Majoni SW; Tinsley J; Kangaharan NJournal ArticleAnticoagulation; Indigenous health; International normalised ratio; Remote; Rural; Warfarin 
Apr-2020Safety and Outcomes of Linezolid Use for Nocardiosis.Davidson N; Grigg MJ; Mcguinness SL; Baird RW; Anstey NMJournal ArticleNocardia; antimicrobial resistance; linezolid; prophylaxis; therapy 
Sep-2018The Safety of a Far Medial Arthroscopic Portal for Anatomic Glenoid Reconstruction: A Cadaveric Study.Moga, Iustin; Konstantinidis, George; Wong, Ivan Ho-BunJournal ArticleLatarjet; anatomic glenoid reconstruction; axillary nerve; bone loss; cadaveric study; cephalic vein; far medial portal; inside-out; musculoskeletal nerve; portal safety; shoulder arthroscopic surgery; shoulder instability; subclavian artery; subclavian vein; subscapularis split 
2-Apr-2019Safety of primaquine in infants with Plasmodium vivax malaria in Papua, Indonesia.Setyadi A; Arguni E; Kenangalem E; Hasanuddin A; Lampah DA; Thriemer K; Anstey NM; Sugiarto P; Simpson JA; Price N; Douglas NM; Poespoprodjo JRJournal ArticleEvaluation; Infants; Plasmodium vivax; Primaquine; Safety 
Dec-2015Salmonella in the tropical household environment--Everyday, everywhere.Williams S; Patel M; Markey P; Muller R; Benedict S; Ross I; Heuzenroeder M; Davos D; Cameron S; Krause VLJournal ArticleAnimals; Bacterial typing techniques/methods; Children; Faeces; Infant; Salmonella; Salmonella infections; Serogroup; Soil; Vacuum cleaner 
Nov-2018Salmonella source attribution in a subtropical state of Australia: capturing environmental reservoirs of infection.Fearnley, E J; Lal, A; Bates, J; Stafford, R; Kirk, M D; Glass, KJournal ArticleSalmonella; environmental transmission; source attribution 
Jul-2014SalmonellosisDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact sheetInfection; Bowel 
2021Salt Marsh Mosquito Calendar for Coastal NT 2021Department of HealthCalendarMosquito; Aedes vigilax; Midge; Midges; Insects 
Mar-2010Salt marsh mosquito larval control in Leanyer coastal wetland, Northern TerritoryKurucz N; Whelan PI; Carter JM; Jacups SP; McDonnell JBulletinDarwin; Mosquitoes; Insects; Disease vectors; Vector control; Insecticides; Surveys; Plants; Arboviruses; Ross River virus infections; Encephalitis; Urban; Public health; Meteorological factors; Medical Entomology 
2016Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2016Medical EntomologyCalendarMosquitoes; Lifecycle; Aedes vigilax; Breeding 
2016Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2016 - 2021NT Health; Medical EntomologyCalendarMosquito; Aedes vigilax 
2017Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2017Department of HealthCalendarCalendar; Coastal NT; Midges 
2018Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2018Medical Entomology; Department of HealthCalendarMosquito; Adedes vigilax; Insects 
2019Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2019Department of HealthCalendarAedes vigilax