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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
19-May-2008Racial disparities in infection-related mortality at Alice Springs Hospital, Central Australia, 2000--2005.Einsiedel LJ; Fernandes LA; Woodman RJComparative Study; Journal Article- 
Mar-2011Radiation protection : guideline on shielding design for new or old medical facilitiesDepartment of HealthReportMedical facilities; Hospitals; Guideline; Radioactive 
Oct-2011Radiation protection code of practice : acquiring a radiation sourceDepartment of HealthInformation SheetLicensing; Registration; Code of Practice; Radiation 
Jun-2006Radiation protection code of practice : application for alteration to current radiation protection planDepartment of HealthPlanRadiation Protection; Code of Practice 
Aug-2006Radiation Protection code of practice : approved form for certificate of complianceDepartment of Health; Radiation ProtectionCertificateRadiation Protection; Certificate of Compliance; Accreditation; Radiation Protection Act; Licence 
May-2010Radiation protection code of practice : disposal of radiation sourceDepartment of HealthGuidelineRadiation Protection; Radioactive; Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Australia (1992); National Health; Radioactive Material; Adiation Apparatus 
Aug-2008Radiation protection code of practice : quality management for diagnostic radiographyDepartment of HealthReportRadgioraphs; Testing Methods; Equipment Compliance; Radiographic Equipment; Dental; Veterinary; Fluoroscopic equipment; Computer tomographic equipment 
Jul-2011Radiation protection code of practice : service checks for sealed radioactive materialDepartment of HealthReportService Providers; Radiation Protection Act; Storage 
May-2010Radiation protection code of practice certificate compliance for radiation placeDepartment of HealthInformation sheetCertificate of Compliance; Radiation Protection Act; Radioactive; Apparatus 
2014Radiation protection information sheet no. 806: Process for registration of a radiation placeDepartment of Health; Environmental HealthReportEnvironmental Health; Radiation Protection 
1984Radiographic procedures manualNorthern Territory. Dept. of Health | Northern Territory. Radiographers Registration BoardReportRadiography, Medical -- Northern Territory 
25-Jul-2018Radiology of Chronic Cavitary Infections.Ketai, Loren; Currie BJ; Holt, Michael R; Chan, Edward DJournal Article- 
Feb-2017Radiotherapy: The tyranny of distance.Waran, EswaranJournal Article- 
Mar-2003Rainfall and vector mosquito numbers as risk indicators for mosquito-borne disease in Central AustraliaWhelan PI; Jacups SP; Melville L; Broom AK; Currie BJ; Krause VL; Brogan B; Smith F; Porigneaux PJournal ArticleMosquitoes; Insects; Encephalitis; Ross River virus infections; Surveys; Central Australia; Weather; Risk assessment 
2003Rainfall and vector mosquito numbers as risk indicators for mosquito-borne disease in central Australia.Whelan PI; Jacups SP; Melville L; Broom A; Currie BJ; Krause VL; Brogan B; Smith F; Porigneaux PJournal Article- 
2-Jul-2018Raising the Stakes: Loss of Efflux Pump Regulation Decreases Meropenem Susceptibility in Burkholderia pseudomallei.Sarovich DS; Webb JR; Pitman MC; Viberg LT; Mayo MJ; Baird RW; Robson JM; Currie BJ; Price EPJournal Article- 
5-Oct-2016Ramingining Community Area Volatile Substance Management PlanDepartment of HealthPlanSubstance abuse; Volatile substance abuse; Community management VSA; Volatile substance use VSU; Ramingining; Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act (VASPA) 
Sep-1999Ramingining Housing SurveyEnvironmental Health remote services operations NorthSurveyQualitative Analysis; Aboriginal housing 
22-Dec-2022Randomised clinical trial using Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring in Australian Women with Novel Cardiovascular Risk Factors (CAC-WOMEN Trial): study protocol.Marschner S; Wing-Lun E; Chow C; Maple-Brown LJ; Graham S; Nicholls SJ; Brown A; Wood A; Ihdayhid A; Von Huben A; Zaman SClinical Trial Protocol; Journal ArticlePregnancy; Humans; Female; Aged; Risk Factors; *Cardiovascular Diseases; Calcium/therapeutic use; Single-Blind Method; Coronary Vessels; *Menopause, Premature; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; Australia/epidemiology; National Health Programs; Heart Disease Risk Factors; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic 
28-Sep-2018A Randomized Phase II Trial (TAMIGA) Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Continuous Bevacizumab Through Multiple Lines of Treatment for Recurrent Glioblastoma.Brandes, AA; Gil-Gil, M; Saran, F; Carpentier, AF; Nowak, AK; Mason, W; Zagonel, V; Dubois, F; Finocchiaro, G; Fountzilas, G; Cernea, DM; Chinot, O; Anghel, R; Ghiringhelli, F; Beauchesne, P; Lombardi, G; Franceschi, E; Makrutzki, M; Mpofu, C; Urban, HJ; Pichler, JJournal ArticleClinical trial; Continuous bevacizumab; Overall survival; Recurrent glioblastoma