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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jun-2015Naegleria fowleri in the Northern TerritoryDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact SheetAmoeba; Water
2011Naltrexone & Acamprosate To Assist Dependent Drinkers Maintain AbstinenceDepartment of HealthInformation SheetAlcohol abuse; Drugs; Withdrawal
Oct-2016Narrowing the Gap? Describing women's outcomes in Midwifery Group Practice in remote Australia.Lack, Bernadette M; Smith, Rachel M; Arundell, Michael J; Homer, Caroline S EJournal ArticleAboriginal; Clinical outcomes; Continuity of care; Midwifery; Pregnancy
Nov-2015Nasopharyngeal carriage and macrolide resistance in Indigenous children with bronchiectasis randomized to long-term azithromycin or placebo.Hare, K M; Grimwood, K; Chang, A B; Chatfield, M D; Valery, P C; Leach, A J; Smith-Vaughan, H C; Morris, P S; Byrnes, C A; Torzillo, P J; Cheng, A CJournal Article; Multicenter Study; Randomized Controlled Trial; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
2017National Code of Conduct for health care workers who are not registered in the National Registration and Accreditation SchemeDepartment of HealthArticleNational Registration; Accreditation
2014National eHealth Record System Implementation GuidelinesDepartment of Health; eHealth NTGuidelineeHealth NT; TeleHealth
2014National eHealth Record System Participation PolicyDepartment of Health; eHealth NTPolicyehealth; TeleHealth
2011Naturally occurring anti M complicating ABO grouping.Khalid, Safoorah; Dantes, Roelyn; Varghese, Sunu; Al Hakawati, ImadeddinCase Reports; Journal Article-
Dec-2006Necrotizing fasciitis: a common problem in Darwin.Byrnes, Jennifer MCase Reports; Journal Article-
16-Oct-2017Neonatal tinea corporis.Warren, Lachlan J; Tilakaratne, Dev; Seth, RakeshJournal ArticleChild health; Mycoses; Preterm birth; Skin diseases, infectious
Apr-1997Neurological melioidosis (Burkholderia pseudomallei) mimicking Guillain-Barré syndrome.Howe, P W; Holland, H M; Burrow, J C; Currie, B JCase Reports; Journal Article-
5-Feb-2000Neurological melioidosis.Currie, B J; Fisher, D A; Howard, D M; Burrow, J NJournal Article-
Jun-2004New method of abdominoplasty for morbidly obese patients.Ollapallil, Jacob; Koong, David; Panchacharavel, Gowrinanthanan; Butcher, Charles; Yapo, BenjaminCase Reports; Journal Article-
1997New records of arboviruses isolated from mosquitoes in the Northern Territory, 1982-1992Weir, Richard; Hyatt, A; Calisher, C; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleInsects; Mosquitoes; Arboviruses; Surveys
1-Nov-2012A New Service Framework for Health and Hospital Services in the Northern TerritoryDepartment of HealthFrameworkDept. of Health; Decision making; Doctors; Quality of service; Public health; Hospitals; Health care systems; Service providers
Feb-1998New World cutaneous leishmaniasis imported into Australia.Maguire, G P; Bastian, I; Arianayagam, S; Bryceson, A; Currie, B JCase Reports; Journal Article-
1997NewsroundSinclair, Liz; Ulstrup, BillNewsletterPublishing; Information dissemination; Communication; Periodicals; Territory Health Services; Dept. of Health and Community Services
Mar-2017NF1 Change of Ownership of a Pharmacy BusinessDepartment of HealthFact SheetPharmacy; Business ownership
Mar-2017NF2 Application for a New or Changes to Pharmacy BusinessDepartment of HealthFact SheetNF2 Application Pharmacy Business
Mar-2017NF3 Application for a New or Changes to a Pharmacy DepartmentDepartment of HealthFact SheetNF3 Application; Pharmacy Department