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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jul-2008L-arginine and vitamin D: novel adjunctive immunotherapies in tuberculosis.Ralph, Anna P; Kelly, Paul M; Anstey, Nicholas MJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't; Review-
Jan-2018Laboratory Risk Indicator for Necrotizing Fasciitis score for early diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis in Darwin.Narasimhan, Vignesh; Ooi, Geraldine; Weidlich, Stephanie; Carson, PhillipJournal Articleearly diagnosis; haematologic tests; necrotizing fasciitis; sensitivity and specificity; soft tissue infections
30-May-2018Lactation ketoacidosis: case presentation and literature review.Al Alawi, Abdullah M; Falhammar, HenrikJournal Articleendocrinology; metabolic disorders
1987Land use and biting insects : medical entomology recommendations on land use in the Finniss River areaWhelan, Peter; Medical Entomology Branch; Department of Health and Community ServicesReportLand use; Finniss River; Mosquitoes; Sand flies
2-Mar-2011Large ceramic pots ex. Indonesia - the source of Aedes aegypti recently intercepted at Darwin port 9 April 2010Nguyen, Huy T; Finlay-Doney, MaryTechnical ReportDarwin; Insects; Mosquitoes; Disease vectors; Dengue; Surveys; Monitoring; Quarantine; Vector control; Ships; Imports
2016Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI)Department of Health; Centre for Disease ControlReportCentre for Disease Control; Tuberculosis
Jul-2017Lead and healthDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetEllivated; Poison
Aug-2017Lead Exposure QuestionnaireDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFormBlood lead; Lead exposure
May-2016Legionella / legionnaires’s diseaseCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetLegionella pneumophila
Dec-2003Leishmaniasis: an overview in the context of an emerging pathogen in Top End wildlifeMarkey, Peter; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticlePathogenicity; Native animals; Protozoan infections; Skin; Epidemiology; Vector control; Insects; Ulcer; Risk assessment
12-Mar-2009Leon Compton (ABC local radio) interviews Chris Nagy (Immunisation Project Officer at the Centre for Disease Control)Compton, Leon; Nagy, ChrisRecording, oralWhooping cough; Immunisation; Symptoms; Prevention and control
18-Nov-2009Leon Compton (ABC Radio) interviews David AshbridgeAshbridge, David; Compton, LeonRecording, oralChild welfare; Child abuse; Family support programs; Reform; Planning; Salaries and fringe benefits; District hospitals; Doctors; Interviews
30-Mar-2009Leon Compton (ABC Radio) interviews David Ashbridge (Chief Executive of the NT Government Department of Health and Families)Ashbridge, David; Compton, LeonRecording, oralGove District Hospital; Childbirth; Employment; Doctors; Interviews; Recruitment; Accommodation assistance
20-May-2009Leon Compton (ABC Radio) interviews Jenny ClearyCleary, Jenny; Compton, LeonRecording, oralInterviews; Doctors; Primary health care; Access; Palmerston; After hours services; Comprehensive health care; Community health services
9-Feb-2010Leon Compton, ABC Radio, interviews Dr Maureen Mitchell, Director of Territory Palliative Care, NT Department of Health and Families about palliative care and the issues surrounding it.Compton, Leon; Mitchell, MaureenRecording, oralDeath; Communication; Allied health personnel; Doctors; Culture; Interviews; Palliative care; Carers; Family
19-Feb-2010Leon Compton, ABC Radio, interviews Dr Peter Markey, Head of Surveillance for the Centre for Disease Control about measlesMarkey, Peter; Compton, LeonRecording, oralMeasles; Primary prevention; Pregnancy; Symptoms; Viruses; Interviews
Feb-2018LeprosyNT Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetLeprosy; Guideline; Mycobacterium leprae; Disease; Northern Australia; Aboriginal; Multibacillary leprosy; Lepromatous leprosy
Dec-2012LeptospirosisCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetLeptospirosis,
Sep-2006Leptospirosis: an unusual presentation.Thomas, Jane H; Stephens, Dianne PCase Reports; Journal Article-
2012Let's Dig! : A School Garden ResourceDepartment of Health; Nutrition and Physical ActivityBookSchool Garden Project; School resource