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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Sep-2009Ichthys gas field development project: biting insect survey of Blaydin Point, DarwinWarchot, AllanTechnical ReportAustralia; Northern Territory; Insects; Mosquitoes; Disease vectors; Vector control; Arboviruses; Darwin; Ross River virus infections; Encephalitis; Malaria; Dengue; Public health; Environmental management; Rural development; Planning Request Copy
2014Identification of Prescriber - Medicines & Poisons ControlDepartment of HealthInformation SheetIdentification Prescriber Medicines & Poisons Control, Medicine, Poison Request Copy
2003Identifying domestic and family violence - a resource kitWomen's Health Strategy Unit, DHCSKitDomestic violence; Information resources Request Copy
1-Mar-2013Identifying national health research priorities in Timor-Leste through a scoping review of existing health data.Deen, Jacqueline; Matos, Livio da Conceicao; Temple, Beth; Su, Jiunn-Yih; da Silva, Joao; Liberato, Selma; da Silva, Valente; Soares, Ana Isabel; Joshi, Vijaya; Moon, Sarah; Tulloch, James; Martins, Joao; Mulholland, KimJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't; Review- Request Copy
17-Jun-2019"If you understand you cope better with it": the role of education in building palliative care capacity in four First Nations communities in Canada.Prince, Holly; Nadin, Shevaun; Crow, Maxine; Maki, Luanne; Monture, Lori; Smith, Jeroline; Kelley, Mary LouJournal ArticleAboriginal; Capacity development; Community development; Education; First Nations; Indigenous; Palliative care; Public health approach Request Copy
28-Mar-2012Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) Locality Volatile Substance Management PlanDepartment of HealthPlanSubstance abuse; Volatile substance abuse; Community management VSA; Volatile substance use VSU; Volatile substance use VSU; Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act (VASPA); Ikuntji; Haasts Bluff Request Copy
8-Aug-2013Images in clinical medicine. Pellets in the appendix.Zardawi, I; Siriweera, ECase Reports; Journal Article- Request Copy
Aug-2014Immigrants' perceptions of the quality of their cancer care: an Australian comparative study, identifying potentially modifiable factors.Goldstein, D; Bell, M L; Butow, P; Sze, M; Vaccaro, L; Dong, S; Liauw, W; Hui, R; Tattersall, M; Ng, W; Asghari, R; Steer, C; Vardy, J; Parente, P; Harris, M; Karanth, N V; King, M; Girgis, A; Eisenbruch, M; Jefford, MComparative Study; Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov'tcancer outcomes; care co-ordination; health services; immigrant health Request Copy
Jul-2017Immunisation Record – All Ages FormDepartment of HealthFormImmunisation; Immunisation record Request Copy
Feb-2016Immunohistochemical expression levels of p53 and eIF4E markers in histologically negative surgical margins, and their association with the clinical outcome of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.Singh, Jagtar; Jayaraj, Rama; Baxi, Siddhartha; Mileva, Mariana; Skinner, John; Dhand, Navneet K; Thomas, MahibanJournal Articleeukaryotic translation imitation factor 4E; immunohistochemistry; molecular markers; overall survival; p53; recurrence Request Copy
Feb-2020Impact of a ketamine sedation protocol on intubation rates and undesirable outcomes in the transport of patients with acute behavioural disturbance.Shahtahmasebi, Roxanne; Johnson, Rich; Shahtahmasebi, SaidJournal Articleagitation; behavioural disturbance; mental health; remote Australia; retrieval medicine; sedation Request Copy
1996Impact of alcohol limitations in ElliottBennett, Marlene; Plummer, Clifford; Lea, Teresa; Northern Territory. Territory Health Services. Health Promotion Program.ReportAlcohol -- Law and legislation -- Northern Territory -- Elliott Request Copy
12-Nov-2019The impact of an alcohol floor price on critical care admissions in Central Australia.Secombe, Paul J; Stewart, Penny; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, DavidLetterAlcohol-related disorders; Policy, drugs and alcohol Request Copy
13-Mar-2020The impact of an alcohol floor price on critical care admissions in Central Australia.Secombe, Paul J; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, DavidLetterAlcohol-related disorders; Policy, drugs and alcohol Request Copy
4-Jun-2018Impact of an integrated diabetes service involving specialist outreach and primary health care on risk factors for micro- and macrovascular diabetes complications in remote Indigenous communities in Australia.Hotu, Cheri; Rémond, Marc; Maguire, Graeme; Ekinci, Elif; Cohen, NealeJournal ArticleIndigenous health; diabetes care; remote outreach Request Copy
Sep-2018Impact of Cerebrospinal Fluid Multiplex Assay on Diagnosis and Outcomes of Central Nervous System Infections in Children: A Before and After Cohort Study.O'Brien MP; Francis JR; Marr IM; Baird RWJournal Article- Request Copy
Sep-2019Impact of Critical Care Point-of-Care Ultrasound Short-Courses on Trainee Competence.Rajamani, Arvind; Miu, Michelle; Huang, Stephen; Elbourne-Binns, Henry; Pracher, Florian; Gunawan, Sutrisno; Lakshmanan, Ramanathan; Flynn, Gordon; Sasidaran, Kandasamy; Subasinghe, Shyama; Parmar, Jinal; Hyunh, TrieuJournal Article- Request Copy
2014The impact of fluid intervention on complications and length of hospital stay after pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple's procedure).Weinberg, Laurence; Wong, Derrick; Karalapillai, Dharshi; Pearce, Brett; Tan, Chong O; Tay, Stanley; Christophi, Chris; McNicol, Larry; Nikfarjam, MehrdadJournal Article- Request Copy
11-Oct-2018Impact of Hepatitis B Virus Coinfection on Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Clonality in an Indigenous Population of Central Australia.Turpin J; Yurick D; Khoury G; Pham H; Locarnini S; Melamed A; Witkover A; Wilson K; Purcell D; Bangham CRM; Einsiedel LJJournal Article- Request Copy
28-Jan-2016Impact of medical consultation frequency on risk factors and medications 6 months after acute coronary syndrome.Hyun, Karice; Brieger, David; Chow, Clara K; Ilton, Marcus; Amos, David; Alford, Kevin; Roberts-Thomson, Philip; Santo, Karla; Atkins, Emily R; Redfern, JulieJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't- Request Copy