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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1984H.F. Radio operators guide : Alice Springs and Barkly RegionsOwen, MB; Northern Territory. Dept. of HealthReportRadio -- Northern Territory -- Alice Springs Region; Radio -- Northern Territory -- Barkly Region 
2003HACC pack 2003Department of HealthBookHome and community care; Staff development 
2004Haematocrit levels and anaemia in Australian children aged 1-4 years.Mackerras, Dorothy Em; Hutton, Susan I; Anderson, Philip RJournal Article- 
26-Feb-2015Haemodialysis catheter-related giant right atrial and superior cava thrombi.Weinberg L; Zia F; Tay S; Roubos NCase Reports; Journal Article- 
2023HALO (Health Age, Lifestyle, Occupation) posterCentre for Disease ControlPosterAdult and Child vaccination; Vaccine 
Feb-2016Hand foot and mouth diseaseCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation sheetFoot and mouth 
19-Jul-2018Hand hygiene compliance rateSystem Performance and GrantsFact sheetSDA; Annual Report 
Feb-2016Hand infection patients presenting to an orthopaedic unit: An audit of incidence and demographics at a rural hospital.Turow, Arthur; Palapitige, Bandulasena; Kim, Susan W; Jaarsma, Ruurd L; Bramwell, Donald; Krishnan, JeganathJournal ArticleMRSA; aboriginal health; hand infection; orthopaedics; trauma 
1985Handbook for overseas nurses : Northern Territory of AustraliaNorthern Territory. Dept. of HealthReportNurses -- Northern Territory -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 
23-Apr-2021Hazardous and harmful alcohol use in the Northern Territory, Australia: the impact of alcohol policy on critical care admissions using an extended sampling period.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
Jul-2012Head lice action packDepartment of HealthKitHead lice infestations; Head lice treatments; Prevention and control; Public health; Community health; Public awareness; Health education 
Jul-2016Head lice advice : Information for parents, schools and child care centresDepartment of HealthInformation sheetHead lice 
Jul-2016Head Lice Advice postersDepartment of HealthPosterHead lice 
Oct-2021Head lice and nitsCentre for Disease ControlFact sheetHead lice; Nits 
1995Health & Community Services Management Reporting Project 1995Northern Territory Department of Health and Community ServicesReportManagement Information Reporting 
2017Health Advisory Committees Expression of InterestSystem Performance and Innovation; Department of HealthFormHealth Advisory Committee 
2019Health Advisory Committees Fact sheet and Terms of ReferenceSystem Performance and Innovation; Department of Health; Dept. of HealthFact sheetHealth Advisory Committee 
15-Jul-2021The health and educational costs of preterm birth to 18 years of age in Australia.Newnham, John P; Schilling, Chris; Petrou, Stavros; Morris, Jonathan M; Wallace, Euan M; Brown, Kiarna; Edwards, Lindsay; Skubisz, Monika M; White, Scott W; Rynne, Brendan; Arrese, Catherine A; Doherty, Dorota AJournal Article- 
1-Mar-1977Health and the Way People LiveGurd CJournal ArticleEnvironmentally induced diseases Conduct of life Health behavior Diseases| |Causes and theories of causation Public health| |Environmental aspects