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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1-Sep-1978Anaesthetic Tips for the Health WorkerDharmarajah, J. A.Journal ArticleCommunity health services Anesthetics Aboriginal Australians| |Health and hygiene Aboriginal Australians| |Medical care Aboriginal Australians| |Psychology Anesthesia services Australia 
1-Dec-1978Breast Feeding Babies in the Northern TerritoryShelley, CherylJournal ArticleBreastfeeding promotion Bottle feeding Infants| |Nutrition Infants| |Health risk assessment Aboriginal Australians Breastfeeding| |Health aspects Infants| |Health and hygiene Breastfeeding| |Social aspects Northern Territory 
1-Sep-2007Drop-in for Deadly TuckerEdwards, Craig; Colbey, AngelaJournal ArticleFood habits Aboriginal Australians| |Civil rights Yolngu (Australian people) Indigenous peoples| |Nutrition Australia 
1-Sep-1994Failing to Thrive: The Health and Nutritional Status of Central Australian Aboriginal ChildrenPriestley, Robyn; Thurley, JimJournal ArticleWeight loss Nutrition Nutrition disorders in children Aboriginal Australians| |Health and hygiene Failure to thrive syndrome Children, Aboriginal Australian Australia 
1-Sep-1983Family Planning in Central AustraliaMadill, BernaJournal ArticleBirth control Community health services Aboriginal Australians Aboriginal Australians| |Services for Women, Aboriginal Australian Intrauterine contraceptives Australia| |Central Australia Australia 
1-Mar-1977Health and the Way People LiveGurd CJournal ArticleEnvironmentally induced diseases Conduct of life Health behavior Diseases| |Causes and theories of causation Public health| |Environmental aspects 
1-Sep-1978Learning about Food in the CommunityShelley CJournal ArticleFood industry and trade; Aboriginal Australians; Food habits; Food; Grocery shopping; Grocery trade; Food storage; Australia 
1-Sep-1983Money and FoodKliener JJournal ArticleNutrition; Food habits; Aboriginal Australians; Health and hygiene; Food; Wild foods; Australia 
1-Sep-1979Respiratory InfectionErlich JJournal ArticleCommunicable diseases; Respiratory infections in children; Physical therapy for children 
1-Nov-1992Tobacco-use Prevalence among Aboriginal People and its Effects on Health: What is the Problem?Watson CJournal ArticleTobacco use; Aboriginal Australians; Health and hygiene; Smoking - Health aspects; Tobacco - Physiological effect; Australia 
1-Jul-2007Yirrkala Active CookingEdwards C; Colbey AJournal ArticleCookery; Aboriginal Australians - Health and hygiene; Yolngu (Australian people); Youth - Nutrition; Australia; Northern Territory; Arnhem Land