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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Nov-2003Achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: summary reportShannon, Cindy; Wakerman, John; Hill, Peter; Barnes, Tony; Griew, RobertReportAboriginal health services; Aboriginal people; Torres Strait Islander peoples; Health services Request Copy
30-Aug-2018Cost impact of high staff turnover on primary care in remote Australia.Zhao Y; Russell DJ; Guthridge S; Ramjan, Mark; Jones, Michael P; Humphreys, John S; Wakerman, JohnJournal Article- Request Copy
18-Jul-2016Improving the quality of life of palliative and chronic disease patients and carers in remote Australia with the establishment of a day respite facility.Carey, Timothy A; Schouten, Kellie; Wakerman, John; Humphreys, John S; Miegel, Fred; Murphy, Simon; Arundell, MickJournal Article- Request Copy
21-Nov-2017Reducing hospital admissions in remote Australia through the establishment of a palliative and chronic disease respite facility.Carey, Timothy A; Arundell, Mick; Schouten, Kellie; Humphreys, John S; Miegel, Fred; Murphy, Simon; Wakerman, JohnJournal ArticleChronic disease; Indigenous; National weighted activity unit; Palliative care; Respite care Request Copy
Jan-2010Respiratory syncytial virus infections in Central Australia.Dede, Apakasiamaka; Isaacs, David; Torzillo, Paul J; Wakerman, John; Roseby, Rob; Fahy, Rose; Clothier, Tors; White, Andrew; Kitto, PaulaJournal Article- Request Copy