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Jun-2015Northern Territory perspectives on heart failure with comorbidities – understanding trial validity and exploring collaborative opportunities to broaden the evidence base.Iyngkaran, P; Majoni, W; Cass, A; Sanders, Prashanthan; Ronco, C; Brady, S; Kangaharan, N; Ilton, M; Hare, D L; Thomas, M CJournal Article; ReviewGuidelines; Heart Failure; Indigenous Australians; Remote; Rural; Therapeutics 
Sep-2013The role and management of sympathetic overactivity in cardiovascular and renal complications of diabetes.Iyngkaran, P; Anavekar, N; Majoni, W; Thomas, M CJournal Article; ReviewAdrenergic; Beta-blocker; Bétabloquant; Cardiorenal syndrome; Chronic kidney disease; Diabetes; Diabète; Heart failure; Insuffisance cardiaque; Insuffisance rénale; Sympathetic nervous system; Système nerveux sympathique