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25-Jan-2023Australian Atherosclerosis Society Position Statement on Lipoprotein(a): Clinical and Implementation Recommendations.Ward NC; Watts GF; Bishop W; Colquhoun D; Hamilton-Craig C; Hare DL; Kangaharan N; Kostner KM; Kritharides L; O'Brien R; Mori TA; Nestel PJ; Nicholls SJ; Psaltis PJ; Raffoul N; White HD; Sullivan DRJournal Article; Journal Article- 
Oct-2014Effect of periodontal therapy on arterial structure and function among aboriginal australians: a randomized, controlled trial.Kapellas K; Maple-Brown LJ; Jamieson LM; Do LG; O'Dea K; Brown A; Cai TY; Anstey NM; Sullivan DR; Wang H; Celermajer DS; Slade GD; Skilton MRJournal Article; Randomized Controlled TrialAborigines, Australian; diabetes mellitus; periodontal debridement; randomized controlled trial; smoking