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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2020Data linkage and computerised algorithmic coding to enhance individual clinical care for Aboriginal people living with chronic hepatitis B in the Northern Territory of Australia - Is it feasible?Hosking K; Stewart G; Mobsby M; Skov S; Zhao Y; Su J-Y; Tong SYC; Nihill P; Davis J; Connors C; Davies JJournal Article- 
1-Jul-2012The impact of sexually transmissible infection programs in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia: A systematic reviewGuy R; Ward JS; Smith KS; SU J-Y; Huang R-L; Tangey A; Skov S; Rumbold A; Silver B; Donovan B; Kaldor JMJournal ArticlePrimary health care Sexually transmitted diseases| |Diagnosis Gonorrhea| |Treatment World Health Organization Australia 
2014Injuries in the Northern Territory, 1997-2011Foley M; Zhao Y; You J; Skov S; Innovation and ResearchReportStatistics; Public health; Injury surveillance; Hospitalisation; Mortality; Health Economics 
1-Oct-2013Measles transmission by 'fly-in fly-out' workers in Australia.Burgess CP; Markey P; Skov S; Dowse GJournal Articlemeasles; occupational health; outbreak investigation 
Nov-2019Strategies to improve control of sexually transmissible infections in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: a stepped-wedge, cluster-randomised trial.Ward J; Guy RJ; Rumbold AR; McGregor S; Wand H; McManus H; Dyda A; Garton L; Hengel B; Silver BJ; Taylor-Thomson D; Knox J; Donovan B; Law M; Maher L; Fairley CK; Skov S; Ryder N; Moore E; Mein J; Reeve C; Ah Chee D; Boffa J; Kaldor JMJournal Article-