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15-Jul-2014Assessment of renal functional maturation and injury in preterm neonates during the first month of life.Gubhaju, Lina; Sutherland, Megan R; Horne, Rosemary S C; Medhurst, Alison; Kent, Alison L; Ramsden, Andrew; Moore, Lynette; Singh, Gurmeet; Hoy, Wendy E; Black, M JaneJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov'tpreterm birth; proteinuria; renal development; renal injury Request Copy
Feb-2018Contaminated fingers: a potential cause of Chlamydia trachomatis-positive urine specimens.Giffard, Philip M; Lilliebridge, Rachael A; Wilson, Judith; Murray, Gerald; Phillips, Samuel; Tabrizi, Sepehr N; Garland, Suzanne M; Martin, Louise; Singh, Gurmeet; Tong, Steven Y C; Holt, Deborah C; Andersson, PatiyanJournal Articlechildren; chlamydia trachomatis; sexual abuse; urine Request Copy
3-Jun-2020Maternal Anaemia in Pregnancy: A Significantly Greater Risk Factor for Anaemia in Australian Aboriginal Children than Low Birth Weight or Prematurity.Hansen, Martin; Singh, Gurmeet; Barzi, Federica; Brunette, Raelene; Howarth, Timothy; Morris, Peter; Andrews, Ross; Kearns, ThereseJournal Article- Request Copy
2015The multideterminant model of renal disease in a remote Australian Aboriginal population in the context of early life risk factors: lower birth weight, childhood post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, and current body mass index influence levels of albuminuria in young Aboriginal adults.Hoy, Wendy E; White, Andrew V; Tipiloura, Bernard; Singh, Gurmeet; Sharma, Suresh K; Bloomfield, Hilary; Swanson, Cheryl E; Dowling, Alison; McCredie, David AJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't- Request Copy
Sep-2014Multisite Direct Determination of the Potential for Environmental Contamination of Urine Samples Used for Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections.Andersson, Patiyan; Tong, Steven Y C; Lilliebridge, Rachael A; Brenner, Nicole C; Martin, Louise M; Spencer, Emma; Delima, Jennifer; Singh, Gurmeet; McCann, Frances; Hudson, Carolyn; Johns, Tracy; Giffard, Philip MJournal Articlecontamination; diagnosis; false positive; sexually transmitted infection; urine Request Copy