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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
18-Jan-2021Barriers and challenges of returning patients back to community after renal transplantation in Central Australia.Karepalli, Vijay K; Brown, Megan; Sajiv, Cherian; Fernandes, David; Thomas, Sajan; George, Pratish; Nayar, Sajith; Pawar, BasantJournal Article- 
16-Apr-2013Cultural considerations when providing care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) opting for conservative care.Sajiv, CherianJournal Article- 
19-Apr-2021Effectiveness of Wellbeing Intervention for Chronic Kidney Disease (WICKD): results of a randomised controlled trial.Dingwall, Kylie M; Sweet, Michelle; Cass, Alan; Hughes, Jaquelyne T; Kavanagh, David; Howard, Kirsten; Barzi, Federica; Brown, Sarah; Sajiv, Cherian; Majoni, Sandawana W; Nagel, TriciaJournal Article- 
21-Jun-2022Important lack of difference in tacrolimus and mycophenolic acid pharmacokinetics between Aboriginal and Caucasian kidney transplant recipients.Barraclough, Katherine A; Metz, David; Staatz, Christine E; Gorham, Gillian; Carroll, Robert; Majoni, Sandawana William; Sajiv, Cherian; Swaminathan, Ramyasuda; Holford, NickJournal Article- 
5-Oct-2015Rhodococcus equi peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis: a first in Australia.Azzam, Omar; Crowe, Amy; Sajiv, Cherian; Pawar, BasantCase Reports; Journal Article- 
8-Jan-2019Wellbeing intervention for chronic kidney disease (WICKD): a randomised controlled trial study protocol.Dingwall, Kylie M; Nagel, Tricia; Hughes, Jaquelyne T; Kavanagh, David J; Cass, Alan; Howard, Kirsten; Sweet, Michelle; Brown, Sarah; Sajiv, Cherian; Majoni, Sandawana WJournal ArticleE-mental health; Indigenous; Kidney disease; Renal; Wellbeing