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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
8-May-2019Airbag related penetrating brain injury.Yoon, Joseph; Redmond, Michael; Efendy, Johnny; Kalgutkar, SanjayJournal Article- 
18-Sep-2019Check the Ear. The Importance of Ear Examinations in Assessment of Intracranial Subdural Empyema.Yoon, Joseph; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article; Reviewforeign body; fungal infection; indigenous; intracranial subdural empyema; otitis externa; otitis media 
17-Jan-2022Emergent craniotomy in rural and regional settings - recommendations from a tertiary neurosurgery unit: surgical technique and future prospects.Raman, Vignesh; Jiwrajka, Manasi; Pollard, Cliff; Grieve, David A; Alexander, Hamish; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article; Review- 
27-Sep-2021Intracranial infected collections and epidemiology in the top end, Northern Territory, Australia. A 10-year case series.Yoon, Joseph; O'Bryan, Claire Maree; Maclachlan, Liam; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article- 
Sep-2019Non missile penetrating spinal injury.Yoon, Joseph; Efendy, Johnny; Szkandera, Bartosz; Redmond, MichaelJournal ArticleKnife; Penetrating; Spinal; Surgery 
13-Dec-2019Septic arthritis of the lumbar facet joint. Case and literature review.Yoon, Joseph; Efendy, Johnny; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article; ReviewEpidural abscess; Facet joint; Septic arthritis; Spinal surgery 
Aug-2019Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea and aspiration pneumonitis following initiation of continuous positive airway pressure treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea.Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika Lalanjani; Manning, Nathan; Redmond, Michael; Howard, Diane; Heraganahally, Subash ShanthakumarCase ReportsAspiration pneumonitis; cerebrospinal fluid; continuous positive airway pressure; intracranial hypertension; obstructive sleep apnoea