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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
7-May-2019Australasian general surgical training and emergency medical teams: a review.Coventry, Charles A; Holland, Andrew J A; Read, David J; Ivers, Rebecca QJournal Article; Reviewgeneral surgery; surgical education; trauma Request Copy
6-Oct-2003The Bali bombing: the Royal Darwin Hospital response.Palmer, Didier J; Stephens, Dianne; Fisher, Dale A; Spain, Brian; Read, David J; Notaras, LenJournal Article- Request Copy
Mar-2018Burns first aid treatment in remote Northern Australia.Read, David J; Tan, Swee Chin; Ward, Linda; McDermott, KathleenJournal ArticleBurns first aid treatment; Indigenous Australians; Remoteness Request Copy
21-Mar-2016The Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand: progressing the evidence base for burn care.Cleland, Heather; Greenwood, John E; Wood, Fiona M; Read, David J; Wong She, Richard; Maitz, Peter; Castley, Andrew; Vandervord, John G; Simcock, Jeremy; Adams, Christopher D; Gabbe, Belinda JJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't- Request Copy
Dec-2017Characteristics of trauma mortality in the Northern Territory, Australia.McDermott, Kathleen M; Brearley, Matt B; Hudson, Steven M; Ward, Linda; Read, David JJournal ArticleIndigenous; Injury severity score; Mortality; Remote; Season; Trauma Request Copy
23-Aug-2019Comparison of Operative Logbook Experience of Australian General Surgical Trainees With Surgeons Deployed on Humanitarian Missions: What Can Be Learnt for the Future?Coventry, Charles A; Dominguez, Lynette; Read, David J; Trelles, Miguel; Ivers, Rebecca Q; Montazerolghaem, Maryam; Holland, Andrew J AJournal ArticleMedical Knowledge; Patient Care; Practice-Based Learning and Improvement; Systems-Based Practice; emergency medical teams; general surgery/education; surgical training Request Copy
2020Do histopathological features of breast cancer in Australian Indigenous women explain the survival disparity? A two decade long study in the Northern Territory.Read, David J; Frentzas, Sophia; Ward, Linda; De Ieso, Paolo; Chen, Samantha; Devi, VanithaJournal Article- Request Copy
28-Aug-2019Do Indigenous patients in Australia's Northern Territory present with more advanced colorectal cancer? A cohort study based on registry data.Read, David J; Hayes, IanJournal ArticleIndigenous health; colorectal cancer; observational study Request Copy
Dec-2017Firework-related injury in the Top End: a 16-year review.Read, David J; Bradbury, Richard; Yeboah, EdwardJournal Articleburn injury; firework-related injury; injury prevention; trauma Request Copy
25-Apr-2018Letter to the Editor: Are American Surgical Residents Prepared for Humanitarian Deployment? A Comparative Analysis of Resident and Humanitarian Case Logs.Read, David JLetter- Request Copy
Dec-2017Management of Diabetic Surgical Patients in a Deployed Field Hospital: A Model for Acute Non-Communicable Disease Care in Disaster.McDermott, Kathleen M; Hardstaff, Ruth M; Alpen, Sophie; Read, David J; Coatsworth, Nicholas RJournal ArticleAusMAT Australian Medical Assistance Team; EMT emergency medical team; FMT foreign medical team; NCD non-communicable disease; OT operating theater; SOD sudden onset disaster; WHO World Health Organization; diabetes; emergency medical teams; non-communicable disease; sudden onset disaster Request Copy
6-Jul-2015Open speeds on Northern Territory roads: not so fast.Read, David JJournal Article- Request Copy
17-Dec-2019Quad bike injuries at an Australian regional hospital: a trauma registry review.Liddle, Sean E; McDermott, Kathleen M; Ward, Linda M; Lim, Huat Hock; Read, David JJournal ArticleAustralia; Northern Territory; all-terrain vehicle; injury; quad bike; trauma Request Copy
24-Jan-2019Surgical Procedures Performed by Emergency Medical Teams in Sudden-Onset Disasters: A Systematic Review.Coventry, Charles A; Vaska, Ashish I; Holland, Andrew J A; Read, David J; Ivers, Rebecca QJournal Article; Review- Request Copy
May-2016Surgical workload of a foreign medical team after Typhoon Haiyan.Read, David J; Holian, Annette; Moller, Cea-Cea; Poutawera, VaughanJournal ArticleTyphoon Haiyan; foreign medical team; sudden onset disaster Request Copy