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6-Jun-2018Clinical ProtocolsPrimary Health Care RemoteFactSheet; Information Sheet; GuidelineCRANAplus; Hearing; WBM; CARPA STM; Clinical Procedures Manual; Womens Business Manual; Cyanide; Poison; Mango rash; Reference Books; Immunisation Handbook; Australian Medicines Handbook; Injectable Drugs Handbook; Medicines Book for ATSIHPs; Public Health Bush book; Cytotoxic; Cytotoxic Spill Kit; Chest Pain; Suspected Cardiac Event; NT Cardiac; Epiphany; MRaCC; Pharmacy; Prescriptions; Oncology; Haematology
13-Jun-2018Emergency KitsPrimary Health Care RemoteGuideline; Contents listDisaster; Emergency; Airway; Ambulance; Health Vehicle; Clinical care; Anaphylaxis; Cervical Collar; Chest Drain; Emergency Response; Fit; Outreach Drugs; Intravenous Drugs; Obstetric; Midwifery; Oxygen; Suction; Trauma; Medicines; Quality Assurance; QA; Medicines;
14-Jun-2018Evacuation Centre ManagementPrimary Health Care RemoteGuidelineEmergency; Disaster; Evacuation Centre; Regional Medical Group; Staff Accommodation; Staff Transport; Communication; Recovery Coordinator.
23-Aug-2019Health Record Application FormsPrimary Health Care RemoteFormSecurity; Medical Records; Health Records; My eHealth; My Health; NT Clinical Portal; NTCP; PCIS; Primary Care Information System; EACS; East Arnhem Communicare System; Training; User Access; Confidentiality; Privacy; Password; WebClient; Query Group; Change Request; Electronic Health Records; EHR
14-Jun-2018Medical StudentsPrimary Health Care RemoteGuidelineStudents; Medical
26-Nov-2019Men’s BusinessPrimary Health Care RemoteFactSheetCeremony; Aboriginal Men’s Business; Cultural; Men’s Ceremonial Kits; Treatment Protocols; Preparation; Clinical Care
14-Jun-2018Pathology FormsPrimary Health Care RemoteFormWDP; Western Diagnostic Pathology; Pathology; Pathology Order; Remote Health Centres; Remote Clinics; Specimen Collection Tubes; Pathology Stores; Cytology; Pathology Containers; Swabs; Pathology Stationery;
25-Jul-2019Pharmacy FormsPrimary Health Care RemoteFormS8; Schedule 8; RS4; RS 4; Restricted Schedule 4; EMK; Hospital Pharmacy Order; Department Funded; Medicine Order; Drug Order; S100 Section 100; Vaccine Order; DoE; Local Addition; RMP Specific Medicines; Pharmacy Audit; Site Visit; Deliver; Order; Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme; PBS
26-Nov-2019Pharmacy GuidelinesPrimary Health Care RemoteGuidelineS250; NT MPTGA; Gazette Notice; Government Gazette; SSTP; Scheduled Substance Treatment Protocol; Authorised Clinical Protocol; Declared Places; Medicines List; S4 S8, RS 4; RS4; S4; S2; S3; S5; Unscheduled; Disposal; Unwanted Medicines; Return; Transport; Breach; DAA; Sachet; Blister Pack; Dosette; Incident; Adverse Reaction; EMK; Standards; Counselling; Site Visit Audit; Regional Hospital; S100; Section 100; Contracted Pharmacy; Pharmacist; Drug Register; DD Register; Witness; SDL; Standard Drug List; Ordering; Stock; Vaccines; Immunisation; Cold Chain; Issue Medicines; Administer Medicines; Prescription; Transport; S8 Notification; RS4 Notification; Delivery; EMK Authorisation; Medicines and Poisons Control; Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme; PBS
-Pharmacy ResourcesPrimary Health Care RemoteInformation sheet; Flowchart-
14-Jun-2018Point of Care PathologyPrimary Health Care RemoteForm; GuidelinePOC; POCT; i-STAT; DCA; Flinders iPOCT Quality Control; QC; Cartridge; Qualified Operator; Training; competency; Essential Checks; Software Update; Consumables; Maintenance; Competency; Training;
14-Jun-2018Research ProposalsPrimary Health Care RemoteGuideline; FormResearch; Research Application; Ethics Approval; Research Approval; NT Human Research Ethics Committee
6-Jun-2018Specialist and Clinical Services OutreachPrimary Health Care RemoteGuideline; Information sheetSpecialist Outreach NT; SONT; Visit Calendar; Electronic Health Records; EHR; Visit Calendar; Referral; Outreach Visit; Service Provider; Training; Northern Territory Primary Health Network; NTPHN; Allied Health