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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Sep-2019Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients requiring critical care: characteristics, resource use, and outcomes.Secombe, Paul; Brown, Alex; McAnulty, Greg; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
19-Jan-2021Alcohol Misuse and Critical Care Admissions in the Northern Territory.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
13-Jun-2020Critically ill Indigenous Australians and mortality: a complex story: For most patients, life continues beyond the intensive care unit, and this is where action is needed.Secombe, Paul J; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, DavidEditorial- 
Mar-2020Epidemiology and outcomes of obese critically ill patients in Australia and New Zealand.Secombe, Paul; Woodman, Richard; Chan, Sean; Pilcher, David; van Haren, FrankJournal Article- 
16-Sep-2019Equity for Indigenous Australians in intensive care.Secombe, Paul J; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, DavidJournal ArticleHealthcare disparities; Intensive care; Social determinants of health 
23-Apr-2021Hazardous and harmful alcohol use in the Northern Territory, Australia: the impact of alcohol policy on critical care admissions using an extended sampling period.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
May-2020The impact of an alcohol floor price on critical care admissions in Central Australia.Secombe, Paul J; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, DavidLetterAlcohol-related disorders; Policy, drugs and alcohol 
24-Mar-2022The impact of obesity on outcomes of patients admitted to intensive care after cardiac arrest.Chavda, Mitul P; Bihari, Shailesh; Woodman, Richard J; Secombe, Paul; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
12-Oct-2021Increasing ICU capacity to accommodate higher demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.Litton, Edward; Huckson, Sue; Chavan, Shaila; Bucci, Tamara; Holley, Anthony; Everest, Evan; Kelly, Sean; McGloughlin, Steven; Millar, Johnny; Nguyen, Nhi; Nicholls, Mark; Secombe, Paul; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
7-Dec-2018Trauma-related admissions to intensive care units in Australia: the influence of Indigenous status on outcomes.Magee, Fraser; Wilson, Anthony; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, David; Secombe, Paul J; Young, Paul; Bellomo, RinaldoJournal ArticleIntensive Care; Trauma Surgery