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2018Economic evaluation of point-of-care testing in the remote primary health care setting of Australia's Northern Territory.Spaeth, Brooke A; Kaambwa, Billingsley; Shephard, Mark Ds; Omond, RodneyJournal Articleacute; acute care; cost-effectiveness; dehydration; dialysis; indigenous health; medical retrieval; myocardial infarction; pathology testing; primary care; remote health; retrieval 
Aug-2019Impact of point-of-care testing for white blood cell count on triage of patients with infection in the remote Northern Territory of Australia.Spaeth, Brooke; Shephard, Mark; Kokcinar, Rana; Duckworth, Lauren; Omond, RodneyJournal ArticleWhite blood cell count; infection; point-of-care testing; remote health; triage 
1-Nov-2020Sustained Quality and Service Delivery in an Expanding Point-of-Care Testing Network in Remote Australian Primary Health Care.Matthews, Susan Janet; Spaeth, Brooke; Duckworth, Lauren; Richards, Janet Noreen; Prisk, Emma; Auld, Malcolm; Quirk, Tina; Omond, Rodney; Shephard, Mark D SJournal Article-