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5-May-2021Comparison of First Nations and non-First Nations children's profiles with bronchiectasis over two five-year periods from the Northern Territory, Australia.McCallum, Gabrielle B; Oguoma, Victor M; Versteegh, Lesley A; Wilson, Cate A; Bauert, Paul; Spain, Brian; Chang, Anne BJournal Article- 
16-Mar-2021Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Cardiac Disease Among Aboriginal Patients in the Northern Territory of Australia.Heraganahally, Subash S; Rajaratnam, Brinthan; Silva, Sampathawaduge A A S; Robinson, Nicola; Oguoma, Victor M; Naing, Pyi; Kangaharan, Nadarajah; Ilton, MarcusJournal Article- 
8-Mar-2021Otitis media outcomes of a combined 10-valent pneumococcal Haemophilus influenzae protein D conjugate vaccine and 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine schedule at 1-2-4-6 months: PREVIX_COMBO, a 3-arm randomised controlled trial.Leach, Amanda Jane; Mulholland, Edward Kim; Santosham, Mathuram; Torzillo, Paul John; McIntyre, Peter; Smith-Vaughan, Heidi; Wilson, Nicole; Arrowsmith, Beth; Beissbarth, Jemima; Chatfield, Mark D; Oguoma, Victor M; Morris, Peter StanleyJournal Article- 
14-Oct-2019Sleep apnoea among Australian Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal patients in the Northern Territory of Australia- a comparative study.Heraganahally, Subash S; Kruavit, Anuk; Oguoma, Victor M; Gokula, Chandran; Mehra, Sumit; Judge, Danial; Sajkov, DimitarJournal ArticleAboriginal; Australia; Chronic; Hypertension; Indigenous; Non-Aboriginal; Northern Territory; OSA; Obesity; Obstructive Sleep Apnoea