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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jul-2019Improving Access to Safe Anesthetic Care in Rural and Remote Communities in Affluent Countries.Orser BA; Wilson CR; Rotstein AJ; Iglesias SJ; Spain BT; Ranganathan P; MacDonald WA; Ng Vr; O'Leary S; Lafontaine AJournal Article- 
Sep-2015The microbiome of otitis media with effusion in Indigenous Australian children.Jervis-Bardy J; Rogers GB; Morris PS; Smith-Vaughan HC; Nosworthy E; Leong LEX; Smith RJ; Weyrich LS; De Haan J; Carney AS; Leach AJ; O'Leary S; Marsh RLJournal Article16S ribosomal RNA; Indigenous; Microbiome; Middle ear effusion; Otitis media