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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
202028 Transport of Patients ProcedureNorthern Territory Department of HealthProcedure- 
1986Accommodation review 1986Northern Territory Department of HealthReportAccomodation; Officials and employees; Housing; Buildings 
Dec-1983Alice Springs Hospital casualty handbook, December 1983Northern Territory Department of HealthReportAlice Springs emergency service 
1979Annual report 1978-1979 - Southern RegionNorthern Territory Department of Health; Southern Region; Northern Territory. Department of Health. Southern Region.ReportCentral Australia; Mission 
Jun-1984An appraisal of the Salvation Army Sunrise Centre alcohol rehabilitation programDrug and Alcohol Bureau; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportAlcoholism treatment; Sunrise Centre; Alcoholism 
Mar-2022Cancer in the NTNorthern Territory Department of HealthFact SheetCancer; NT; Northern Territory; Mortality; Disease 
1979Casuarina and Darwin Hospitals, future role.Northern Territory Department of HealthReportCasuarina Hospital 
9-Jun-1980Consultancy on nurse staffing at Alice Springs HospitalCabban, Peter T; Community Systems Foundation; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportAlice Springs Hospital administration; Nursing 
Oct-1979Darwin Hospitals Group cleaning manualDarwin Hospital. Infection Control Committee; Northern Territory Department of HealthBookHospital housekeeping; Darwin; Manual; Handbook 
1985Darwin region dental services programme, 1985Dental Division; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportDental policy; Dental public health 
Apr-1986Darwin Rehabilitation Centre survey, October 1983 to September 1984Extended Care Branch; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportDarwin Rehabilitation Centre; History; Rehabilitation centres; History 
1985Detailed specification for a Community Health Information System volume 1Datec Pty. Ltd; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportData processing; Community health services 
1986Disaster plan Alice Springs HospitalNorthern Territory Department of HealthPlanEmergency medical services; Alice Springs 
1983Disaster plan Alice Springs HospitalNorthern Territory Department of HealthPlanEmergency medical services; Alice Springs 
Dec-1983Emergency and disaster procedures manualNorthern Territory Department of HealthGuidelinesEmergency medical services; fire; bomb threat; cyclone; earthquake; earth tremor; procedures 
Apr-1984Evaluation of Banyan House : The Forster Foundation for Drug RehabilitationDrug and Alcohol Bureau; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportTherapeutic communities; Evaluation; Narcotic addicts; Rehabilitation 
1986Final reports on women's refuges 1985Leahy, Sue; Tennant, Julie; Northern Territory Department of HealthReportWomen's shelters; Northern Territory 
Jan-2020Freedom of Information PolicyNorthern Territory Department of HealthPolicy- 
1986Health indicators in the Northern TerritoryDevanesen, Dayalan; Northern Territory Department of HealthBookMedical Statistics; Statistics 
Oct-1982Howard Springs Community Health Centre community profileNorthern Territory Department of HealthReportCommunity health services