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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1-Jul-2019Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: 'A growing global epidemic'Naing P; Forrester D; Kangaharan N; Muthumala A; Myint SM; Playford DJournal ArticleHeart failure| |Patients Magnetic resonance imaging Doppler echocardiography Health risk assessment 
6-Mar-2018Pulmonary Hypertension in Central Australia: A Community-Based Cohort Study.Haji K; Wong CX; Chandra N; Truong H; Corkill W; Kaethner A; Naing P; Abeyaratne A; Brady SJ; Kangaharan NJournal ArticleEchocardiography; Indigenous Health; Pulmonary hypertension 
Apr-2021Top End Pulmonary Hypertension Study: Understanding Epidemiology, Therapeutic Gaps and Prognosis in Remote Australian Setting.Naing P; Playford D; Strange G; Abeyaratne A; Berhane T; Joseph S; Costelloe, Ellie; Hall M; Scalia GM; Forrester DL; Falhammar H; Kangaharan NJournal Article-