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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2017Changing epidemiology of candidaemia in Australia.Chapman B; Slavin M; Marriott D; Halliday C; Kidd S; Arthur I; Bak N; Heath CH; Kennedy K; Morrissey CO; Sorrell TC; van Hal S; Keighley C; Goeman E; Underwood N; Hajkowicz KM; Hofmeyr A; Leung M; Macesic N; Botes J; Blyth CC; Cooley L; George CR; Kalukottege P; Kesson A; McMullan B; Baird RW; Robson J; Korman TM; Pendle S; Weeks K; Liu E; Cheong E; Chen SJournal Article; Published Erratum- 
15-Jan-2016Combination of Vancomycin and β-Lactam Therapy for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia: A Pilot Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.Davis JS; Sud A; O'Sullivan MVN; Robinson JO; Ferguson PE; Foo H; van Hal SJ; Ralph AP; Howden BP; Binks PM; Kirby A; Tong SYC; Majumdar S; Baird RW; Gordon C; Jeremiah C; Leung G; Brischetto A; Crowe A; Dakh F; Whykes K; Kirkwood M; Menon M; Somerville L; Subedi S; Owen S; Liu E; Zhou F; Robinson O; Coombs G; Pollet S; Davis RJournal Article; Multicenter Study; Randomized Controlled TrialMRSA; Staphylococcus aureus; bacteremia; clinical trial; vancomycin; β-lactam 
24-Apr-2023Executive summary of consensus clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of infection in patients with multiple myeloma.Teh BW; Reynolds G; Slavin MA; Cooley L; Roberts M; Liu E; Thursky K; Talaulikar D; Mollee P; Szabo F; Ward C; Chan H; Prince HM; Harrison SJJournal Article- 
May-2017Ten-year all-cause mortality and its association with vision among Indigenous Australians within Central Australia: the Central Australian Ocular Health Study.Liu E; Ng SK; Kahawita S; Andrew NH; Henderson T; Craig JE; Landers JJournal Article; Multicenter Study; Observational StudyIndigenous population; mortality; vision