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12-Oct-2021Increasing ICU capacity to accommodate higher demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.Litton, Edward; Huckson, Sue; Chavan, Shaila; Bucci, Tamara; Holley, Anthony; Everest, Evan; Kelly, Sean; McGloughlin, Steven; Millar, Johnny; Nguyen, Nhi; Nicholls, Mark; Secombe, Paul; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
Dec-2019Internet health information use by surrogate decision makers of patients admitted to the intensive care unit: a multicentre survey.Das, Alexander; Anstey, Matthew; Bass, Frances; Blythe, David; Buhr, Heidi; Campbell, Lewis; Davda, Ashish; Delaney, Anthony; Gattas, David; Green, Cameron; Ferrier, Janet; Hammond, Naomi; Palermo, Annamaria; Pellicano, Susan; Phillips, Margaret; Regli, Adrian; Roberts, Brigit; Ross-King, Michelle; Saroode, Vineet; Simpson, Shannon; Spiller, Shakira; Sullivan, Kirsty; Tiruvoipati, Ravindranath; Haren, Frank van; Waterson, Sharon; Yaw, Lai Kin; Litton, EdwardJournal Article- 
15-Dec-2020Outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Australian intensive care units during the first four months of the pandemic.Burrell, Aidan Jc; Pellegrini, Breanna; Salimi, Farhad; Begum, Husna; Broadley, Tessa; Campbell, Lewis T; Cheng, Allen C; Cheung, Winston; Cooper, D James; Earnest, Arul; Erickson, Simon J; French, Craig J; Kaldor, John M; Litton, Edward; Murthy, Srinivas; McAllister, Richard E; Nichol, Alistair D; Palermo, Annamaria; Plummer, Mark P; Ramanan, Mahesh; Reddi, Benjamin Aj; Reynolds, Claire; Trapani, Tony; Webb, Steve A; Udy, Andrew AJournal Article- 
9-Jun-2022People in intensive care with COVID-19: demographic and clinical features during the first, second, and third pandemic waves in Australia.Begum, Husna; Neto, Ary S; Alliegro, Patricia; Broadley, Tessa; Trapani, Tony; Campbell, Lewis T; Cheng, Allen C; Cheung, Winston; Cooper, D James; Erickson, Simon J; French, Craig J; Litton, Edward; McAllister, Richard; Nichol, Alistair; Palermo, Annamaria; Plummer, Mark P; Rotherham, Hannah; Ramanan, Mahesh; Reddi, Benjamin; Reynolds, Claire; Webb, Steven Ar; Udy, Andrew A; Burrell, AidanJournal Article- 
26-Aug-2021Staff perceptions of family access and visitation policies in Australian and New Zealand intensive care units: The WELCOME-ICU survey.Bailey, Rachel L; Ramanan, Mahesh; Litton, Edward; Yan Kai, Nathalie Ssi; Coyer, Fiona M; Garrouste-Orgeas, Maite; Tabah, AlexisJournal Article-