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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
20-Oct-2021A community-based program to reduce acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in northern Australia.Kerrigan, Vicki; Kelly, Angela; Lee, Anne Marie; Mungatopi, Valerina; Mitchell, Alice G; Wyber, Rosemary; Ralph, Anna PJournal ArticleAustralia; Health Education; Humans; Oceanic Ancestry Group; *Rheumatic Fever/epidemiology/prevention & control; *Rheumatic Heart Disease/epidemiology/prevention & control 
12-Oct-2021Does improved interpreter uptake reduce self-discharge rates in hospitalised patients? A successful hospital intervention explained.O'Connor, Elise; Kerrigan, Vicki; Aitken, Robyn; Castillon, Craig; Mithen, Vincent; Madrill, Gail; Roman, Curtis; Ralph, Anna PJournal Article- 
3-Apr-2022Evaluation of 'Ask the Specialist': a cultural education podcast to inspire improved healthcare for Aboriginal peoples in Northern Australia.Kerrigan, Vicki; McGrath, Stuart Yiwarr; Herdman, Rarrtjiwuy Melanie; Puruntatameri, Pirrawayingi; Lee, Bilawara; Cass, Alan; Ralph, Anna P; Hefler, MaritaJournal Article- 
2023Improving outcomes for hospitalised First Nations peoples though greater cultural safety and better communication: the Communicate Study Partnership study protocol.Ralph, Anna P; McGrath, Stuart Yiwarr; Armstrong, Emily; Herdman, Rarrtjiwuy Melanie; Ginnivan, Leah; Lowell, Anne; Lee, Bilawara; Gorham, Gillian; Taylor, Sean; Hefler, Marita; Kerrigan, VickiClinical Trial Protocol; Journal ArticleHumans; Allied Health Personnel; *Communication; *Delivery of Health Care; Health Personnel; Hospitals; Multicenter Studies as Topic