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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1991Bayview Haven Canal Estate biting insect investigation, July 1991Logan D; Kelton W; Whelan PIReportMosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Darwin; Sand flies -- Northern Territory -- Darwin 
Feb-2009Biting insects in the proposed Newtown (Weddell) development, DarwinWhelan PI; Booth D; Kelton WTechnical ReportInsects; Mosquitoes; Assessment; Newtown; Urban development; Arboviruses; Planning; Urban; Prevention and control; Primary prevention; Procedures; Disease vectors; Vector control; Insecticides; Engineering; Risk management; Environmental impact; Management; Malaria; Endemic polyarthritis; Ross River virus infections; Encephalitis; Surveys; Monitoring; Public health 
1988Common mosquitoes in the Northern Territory description of species, habitats and disease potentialWhelan PI; Kelton W; Northern Territory Medical Entomology BranchReportMosquitoes -- Northern Territory