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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
18-Dec-2020Crusted scabies; a 2-year prospective study from the Northern Territory of Australia.Hasan, Tasnim; Krause, Victoria L; James, Christian; Currie, Bart JJournal Article- Request Copy
2018The Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin 2010 - 2018Draper, Draper, Anthony D K; Georges, Nick; Markey, Peter; Sheel, M; Quinn, H; Kirk, M; Koehler, A; McIntyre, P; Macartney, K; Morton, Claire; Health, Joshua; Spry, Michael; Gela, Elva; Chen, Jerry; Bourke, Sean; Boyd, Rowena; James, Christian; Department of HealthBulletinTB; Dengue; Mosquito; Meningococcal; Malaria; Gastroenteritis; OzFoodNet; Pneumonia; RDH; Royal Darwin Hopsital; STI; Fireworks; Burns; Injuries; Children; Territory Day; Polio; Food poisoning; Immunisation; Vale Jan Holt Request Copy