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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2016Antibiotic duration and timing of the switch from intravenous to oral route for bacterial infections in children: systematic review and guidelines.McMullan, Brendan J; Andresen, David; Blyth, Christopher C; Avent, Minyon L; Bowen, Asha C; Britton, Philip N; Clark, Julia E; Cooper, Celia M; Curtis, Nigel; Goeman, Emma; Hazelton, Briony; Haeusler, Gabrielle M; Khatami, Ameneh; Newcombe, James P; Osowicki, Joshua; Palasanthiran, Pamela; Starr, Mike; Lai, Tony; Nourse, Clare; Francis, Joshua R; Isaacs, David; Bryant, Penelope AJournal Article; Review- Request Copy
2020Asylum seeking children and adolescents in Australian immigration detention on Nauru: a longitudinal cohort study.Zwi, Karen; Sealy, Louise; Samir, Nora; Hu, Nan; Rostami, Reza; Agrawal, Rishi; Cherian, Sarah; Coleman, Jacinta; Francis, Josh; Gunasekera, Hasantha; Isaacs, David; Larcombe, Penny; Levitt, David; Mares, Sarah; Mutch, Raewyn; Newman, Louise; Raman, Shanti; Young, Helen; Norwood, Christy; Lingam, RaghuJournal Articlecommunity child health; general paediatrics; health services research; neurodevelopment Request Copy
Aug-2015Australia-wide Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Prescribing in Neonatal Units: How Much and How Good?Osowicki, Joshua; Gwee, Amanda; Noronha, Jesuina; Britton, Philip N; Isaacs, David; Lai, Tony B; Nourse, Clare; Avent, Minyon; Moriarty, Paul; Francis, Joshua R; Blyth, Christopher C; Cooper, Celia M; Bryant, Penelope AJournal Article- Request Copy
Jan-2010Respiratory syncytial virus infections in Central Australia.Dede, Apakasiamaka; Isaacs, David; Torzillo, Paul J; Wakerman, John; Roseby, Rob; Fahy, Rose; Clothier, Tors; White, Andrew; Kitto, PaulaJournal Article- Request Copy