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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
May-2023A method for rapid machine learning development for data mining with doctor-in-the-loop.Bull N; Honan B; Spratt N; Quilty SJournal ArticleHumans; Electronic Health Records; *Brain Ischemia; Natural Language Processing; *Stroke; Machine Learning; Data Mining/methods; Northern Territory 
6-May-2022COVID-19 highlights the need for action on pulse oximeter accuracy in people with dark skin.Brownscombe JJ; Loane H; Honan BLetter- 
2-Nov-2021The Effect of Heat Events on Prehospital and Retrieval Service Utilization in Rural and Remote Areas: A Scoping Review.O'Donnell E; Honan B; Quilty S; Schultz RJournal Article- 
9-Dec-2022Evaluation of a new medical retrieval and primary health care advice model in Central Australia: Results of pre- and post-implementation surveys.Green D; Russell DJ; Zhao Y; Mathew S; Fitts MS; Johnson R; Reeve DM; Honan B; Niclasen P; Liddle Z; Maguire G; Remond M; Wakerman JJournal Article; Journal Article- 
Dec-2021From Other Journals December 2021.Beck S; Honan B; Mallows JL; Ting JJournal Article- 
1-Feb-2022From Other Journals February 2022.Beck S; Honan B; Mallows JL; Ting JJournal Article- 
2-Nov-2022Medical retrieval of pregnant women in labour: A scoping review.McInnes J; Honan B; Johnson R; Durup C; Venkatesh A; William Gardiner F; Schultz R; Spring BJournal Article; Review- 
19-Jul-2022Optimising medical retrieval processes and outcomes in remote areas in high-income countries: A scoping review.Mathew S; Russell DJ; Fitts MS; Wakerman J; Honan B; Johnson R; Zhao Y; Reeve d; Niclasen pJournal Article; Review- 
16-Mar-2021Review article: Has the implementation of time-based targets for emergency department length of stay influenced the quality of care for patients? A systematic review of quantitative literature.Jones P; Haustead D; Walker K; Honan B; Gangathimmaiah V; Mitchell R; Bissett I; Forero R; Martini E; Mountain DJournal Article; Review- 
23-Feb-2021Review article: Have emergency department time-based targets influenced patient care? A systematic review of qualitative literature.Walker K; Honan B; Haustead D; Mountain D; Gangathimmaiah V; Forero R; Mitchell R; Martini E; Tesch G; Bissett I; Jones PJournal Article; Review- 
Aug-2021Should the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine advocate for time-based targets as a quality indicator? A Quality Indicator Critical Appraisal evaluation.Jones P; Walker K; Bissett I; Gangathimmaiah V; Honan B; Haustead D; Mitchell R; Mountain DLetter- 
9-Dec-2022The influence of ambulance offload time on 30-day risks of death and re-presentation for patients with chest pain.Mallows JL; Honan B; Beck SLetter; Letter-