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1-Feb-2023Acceptability, adaptability and adherence to CPAP therapy among Aboriginal Australians with OSA - "The A5 study".Heraganahally SS; Howarth TP; Perez AJ; Crespo J; Atos CB; Cluney BJ; Ford LPJournal Article; Journal ArticleAdult; Humans; *Continuous Positive Airway Pressure; Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; Polysomnography; Australia; *Sleep Apnea, Obstructive; Patient Compliance 
2019Chronic Pulmonary Melioidosis Masquerading as lung malignancy diagnosed by EBUS guided sheath technique.Zaw KK; Wasgewatta SL; Kwong KK; Fielding D; Heraganahally SS; Currie BJCase Reports- 
5-Apr-2021Comparison of clinical manifestation among Australian Indigenous and non- Indigenous patients presenting with pleural effusion.Heraganahally SS; Silva SAMS; Howarth TP; Kangaharan N; Majoni SWJournal Article- 
30-Aug-2022Comparison of polysomnographic characteristics between low birthweight and normal birthweight children in the Northern Territory of Australia: A case-control study.Howarth TP; Heraganahally SS; Gentin N; Jonas C; Williamson B; Jing MX; Suresh SJournal ArticleCase-Control Studies; Child; Humans; Polysomnography; Sleep; Sleep Apnea, Obstructive* / epidemiology; Sleep, REM 
29-Jan-2023Correlation of spirometry indices to chest radiology in the diagnosis of chronic airway disease among regional and rural Indigenous Australians.Howarth T; Gahreman D; Ben Saad H; Ng L; Heraganahally SSJournal Article; Journal Article- 
4-Oct-2020Obstructive sleep apnoea and adherence to continuous positive airway therapy among Australian women.Heraganahally SS; Zaw KK; Tip S; Jing X; Mingi JJ; Howarth T; Roy A; Falhammar H; Sajkov DJournal Article- 
14-Sep-2022The Prevalence of Bronchodilator Responsiveness "Asthma" Among Adult Indigenous Australians Referred for Lung Function Testing in the Top End Northern Territory of Australia.Heraganahally SS; Howarth TP; Lloyd A; White E; Veale A; Ben Saad HJournal Article-