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16-Dec-2019Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with and without bronchiectasis in Aboriginal Australians - a comparative study.Heraganahally, Subash S; Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika L; McNamara, Kelly; Mingi, Joy J; Mehra, Sumit; Eisemberg, Carla C; Maguire, GraemeJournal ArticleAboriginal; Bronchiectasis; COPD; Indigenous; Spirometry 
19-Jan-2022Comparison and outcomes of emergency department presentations with respiratory disorders among Australian indigenous and non-indigenous patients.Heraganahally, Subash S; Ghimire, Ram H; Howarth, Timothy; Kankanamalage, Oshini M; Palmer, Didier; Falhammar, HenrikJournal Article- 
2-Apr-2021Comparison of diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide (DLCO) and total lung capacity (TLC) between Indigenous Australians and Australian Caucasian adults.Howarth, Timothy; Saad, Helmi Ben; Perez, Ara J; Atos, Charmain B; White, Elisha; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
3-Sep-2019A Cost-Effective Novel Innovative Box (C-Box) to Prevent Cockroach Infestation of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Equipment: A Unique Problem in Northern Tropical Australia.Heraganahally, Subash S; White, ScottJournal Article- 
14-May-2021Critical analysis of spirometric patterns in correlation to chest computed tomography among adult indigenous Australians with chronic airway diseases.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy; Mo, Lin; Sorger, Lisa; Ben Saad, HelmiJournal Article- 
21-Apr-2022Differences in the Spirometry Parameters Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Patients with COPD: A Matched Control Study.Sze, Dorothy F L; Howarth, Timothy P; Lake, Clair D; Ben Saad, Helmi; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
29-Sep-2021The Effects of Inhaled Airway Directed Pharmacotherapy on Decline in Lung Function Parameters Among Indigenous Australian Adults With and Without Underlying Airway Disease.Heraganahally, Subash S; Ponneri, Tarun R; Howarth, Timothy P; Ben Saad, HelmiJournal Article- 
5-Jul-2022Flexible bronchoscopy indications and outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients in the Northern Territory of Australia.Seyedshahabedin, Mohammad M; Howarth, Timothy P; Mo, Lin; Biancardi, Edwina; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
9-Nov-2020Lung function parameters among Australian Aboriginal "Apparently Healthy" Adults: an Australian Caucasian and Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI-2012) various ethnic norms comparative study.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy; White, Elisa; Sorger, Lisa; Binacardi, Edwina; Ben Saad, HelmiJournal Article- 
21-Jun-2022Massive haemoptysis in a woman with left lower lobe pulmonary artery interruption-A rare clinical presentation.Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika L; Heraganahally, Subash S; Ghimire, Ram H; Lim, Aijye; Carson, PhillipCase Reports- 
16-Mar-2021Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Cardiac Disease Among Aboriginal Patients in the Northern Territory of Australia.Heraganahally, Subash S; Rajaratnam, Brinthan; Silva, Sampathawaduge A A S; Robinson, Nicola; Oguoma, Victor M; Naing, Pyi; Kangaharan, Nadarajah; Ilton, MarcusJournal Article- 
Feb-2019Prevalence and nature of lung function abnormalities among Indigenous Australians referred to specialist respiratory outreach clinics in the Northern Territory.Schubert, Jonathon; Kruavit, Anuk; Mehra, Sumit; Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika; Chang, Anne B; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal ArticleCOPD; clinical epidemiology; clinical respiratory medicine; environmental and occupational health and epidemiology; respiratory function tests 
8-Feb-2022Sex differences in pulmonary function parameters among Indigenous Australians with and without chronic airway disease.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy; Sorger, Lisa; Ben Saad, HelmiJournal Article- 
14-Oct-2019Sleep apnoea among Australian Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal patients in the Northern Territory of Australia- a comparative study.Heraganahally, Subash S; Kruavit, Anuk; Oguoma, Victor M; Gokula, Chandran; Mehra, Sumit; Judge, Danial; Sajkov, DimitarJournal ArticleAboriginal; Australia; Chronic; Hypertension; Indigenous; Non-Aboriginal; Northern Territory; OSA; Obesity; Obstructive Sleep Apnoea 
22-Apr-2022Sleep disorders among Aboriginal Australians with Machado-Joseph Disease: Quantitative results from a multiple methods study to assess the experience of people living with the disease and their caregivers.LaGrappe, DesireĆ©; Massey, Libby; Kruavit, Anuk; Howarth, Timothy; Lalara, Gayangwa; Daniels, Bronwyn; Wunungmurra, Julie Gungunbuy; Flavell, Kimberley; Barker, Ruth; Flavell, Howard; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
23-Jun-2022Sleep quality and obstructive sleep apnoea in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children.Howarth, Timothy P; Gentin, Natalie; Reyes-Chicuellar, Nayellin; Jonas, Catherine; Williamson, Bruce; Blecher, Greg; Widger, John; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
4-Mar-2021The Top End Sleepiness Scale (TESS): A New Tool to Assess Subjective Daytime Sleepiness Among Indigenous Australian Adults.Benn, Edmund; Wirth, Hugh; Short, Teagan; Howarth, Timothy; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article- 
13-Sep-2021Utility and outcomes among Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients requiring domiciliary oxygen therapy in the regional and rural Australian population.Heraganahally, Subash S; Mortimer, Nathan; Howarth, Timothy; Messenger, Raelene; Issac, Siji; Thomas, Izaak; Brannelly, CoralieJournal Article- 
20-Nov-2021Validity of the New "Top End Sleepiness Scale" (TESS) against the STOP-Bang Tool in Predicting Obstructive Sleep Apnoea among Indigenous Australian Adults.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy P; Wirth, Hugh; Short, Teagan; Benn, EdmundJournal Article-