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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Oct-2010Alcohol use in the Northern TerritoryChondur, Ramakrishna; Wang, Zaimin; Health Gains PlanningFact SheetDisease; Alcohol; Alcohol Poisoning; Alcohol Consumption; Other Drugs; non-indigenous; Aboriginal Health 
Dec-2017Alcohol-attributable hospital admissions and alcohol-related emergency department presentations in the Northern TerritoryHealth Gains Planning; Innovation and ResearchReportHospital Admission; Emergency; Northern Territory; NT; Public Hospitals; Epidemiology 
Sep-2005The health and wellbeing of Northern Territory women: from the desert to the sea 2005Jones C; Zhang X; Dempsey K; Schwarz N; Guthridge S; Innovation and Research; Health Gains PlanningReportWomen's health; Health; Statistics; Epidemiology 
2010Health workforce modelling, Northern Territory, technical report for the medical workforce modelMalyon R; Zhao Y; Guthridge S; Innovation and Research; Health Gains PlanningReportModels; Evaluation; Workforce; Doctors; Health Economics 
Jun-2006Mortality in the Northern Territory 2006Health Gains Planning; Innovation and ResearchFact SheetMortality; Statistics; Life expectancy; Health Gains Factsheets 
2016Mortality in the Northern Territory, 1967-2012Health Gains PlanningFact SheetInformation Sheet; Fact Sheet; Health Gains Factsheets; Epidemiology 
2016Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators Report, 2014Department of Health; Health Gains PlanningReportEpidemiology Aboriginal health Key performance indicators Northern Territory Primary health care Statistics 
2016Northern Territory Burden of Disease Study: Fatal Burden of Disease and Injury, 2004–2013Department of Health; Zhang X; Foley M; Guthridge S; Health Gains Planning; Zhao YReportCost of illness; Health status indicators; Injuries; Risk factors; Aboriginal people; Statistics; Health and illness; Health Economics 
Aug-2004Northern Territory Cancer Register data quality, 1981-2001Condon J; Zhao Y; Armstrong B; Barnes T; Health Gains PlanningReportRegisters; Cancer; Validation; NT Cancer Registry 
2014Northern Territory Midwives' Collection Mothers and Babies 2014Hall, Jack; O'Neil, Leanne; Innovation and Research; Health Gains PlanningReportChildbirth; Mothers; Birth; Epidemiology; Epidemiology 
Nov-2015Overweight and Obesity in the Northern Territory 2011 - 2012Guthridge, Steve; Georges, Nick; Chondur, Ramakrishna; Health Gains PlanningFact SheetOverweight Adolscents; Children; Adults; Australia; Epidemiology; Aboriginal; Non-aboriginal 
25-Feb-2015Regular report on alcohol-related harm indicators for public hospitals: alcohol-attributable hospital admissions and alcohol-related emergency department presentations in the Northern TerritoryHealth Gains Planning; Innovation and ResearchReportStatistics; Surveys; Alcohol; Alcohol abuse; Statistical data interpretation; Public health; Hospital admissions; Epidemiology 
2017Satellite Dialysis Costs in the Top End, 2011-2013Health Gains PlanningReportRenal; Costing; Dialysis; Health economics; Satellite Dialysis Costs 
2016Trends in the health of mothers and babies, Northern Territory: 1986–2010Statistics; Department of Health; Xiaohua Zhang Amanda Case Karen E Dempsey Fintan Thompson Leanne O’Neil; Health Gains Planning; Innovation and ResearchReportMaternal health; Epidemiology; Mothers; Pregnancy; Childbirth; Antenatal care; Infants 
2012Women's cancers and cancer screening in the Northern TerritoryZhang, Xiaohua; Condon, John; Douglas, Fiona; Bates, Di; Guthridge, Steve; Garling, Lindy; Enciso, Guillermo; Chondur, Ramakrishna; Health Gains PlanningReportCancer; Women; Mass screening; NT Cancer Registry