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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Sep-2016A 42-year-old man presented with adrenal incidentaloma due to non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia with a novel CYP21A2 mutation.Falhammar H; Torpy DJCase Reports; Letter- 
6-Jun-2018Adrenal Crises in Children: Perspectives and Research Directions.Rushworth, R Louise; Torpy, David J; Stratakis, Constantine A; Falhammar HJournal ArticleAdrenal crisis; Adrenal insufficiency; Congenital adrenal hyperplasia; Epidemiology; Glucocorticoid; Hypopituitarism; Primary adrenal insufficiency; Secondary adrenal insufficiency 
Feb-2017Adrenal crises: perspectives and research directions.Rushworth, R Louise; Torpy, David J; Falhammar HJournal Article; ReviewAdrenal insufficiency; Incidence; Morbidity; Mortality; Risk factors 
2019Adrenal Crisis.Rushworth, R Louise; Torpy DJ; Falhammar HJournal Article; Review- 
2-Jan-2020All-cause mortality following low-dose aspirin treatment for patients with high cardiovascular risk in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: an observational study.Zhao Y; Jeyaraman K; Burgess CP; Connors C; Guthridge S; Maple-Brown LJ; Falhammar HJournal Articleacetylsalicylic acid; coarsened exact matching; marginal structural models; propensity score matching; risk-benefit assessment 
15-Mar-2018Bilateral Adrenalectomy in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.MacKay, Diana; Nordenström, Anna; Falhammar HJournal Article- 
5-Oct-2017Cost-effectiveness of stroke care in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients: an observational cohort study in the Northern Territory of Australia.Zhao Y; Guthridge S; Falhammar H; Flavell H; Cadilhac DAJournal Articleefficiency; health equity; social medicine; stroke 
4-Oct-2020Obstructive sleep apnoea and adherence to continuous positive airway therapy among Australian women.Heraganahally SS; Zaw KK; Tip S; Jing X; Mingi JJ; Howarth T; Roy A; Falhammar H; Sajkov DJournal Article- 
4-Jul-2021Patients characteristics and health outcomes in patients hospitalized with hypomagnesemia: a retrospective study from a single center in the Northern Territory of Australia.Al Alawi AM; Berhane T; Majoni SW; Falhammar HJournal Article- 
Jul-2019Population data provide evidence against the presence of a set point for hemoglobin levels or tissue oxygen delivery.Fitzgerald, Stephen P; Grote Beverborg, Niels; Beguin, Yves; Artunc, Ferruh; Falhammar H; Bean, Nigel GJournal ArticleErythropoietin; haemoglobin; population correlations; set point 
15-May-2022Prevalence and incidence of diabetes among Aboriginal people in remote communities of the Northern Territory, Australia: a retrospective, longitudinal data-linkage study.Hare MJL; Zhao Y; Guthridge S; Burgess CP; Barr ELM; Ellis E; Butler D; Rosser A; Falhammar H; Maple-Brown LJJournal ArticleAdult; Child; *Diabetes Mellitus/epidemiology; Humans; Incidence; *Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; Northern Territory/epidemiology; Prevalence; Retrospective Studies 
29-Oct-2019Pyogenic hepatic abscess secondary to gastric perforation caused by an ingested fish bone.Venkatesan, Sudharsan; Falhammar HJournal ArticleForeign bodies; Gastrointestinal diseases; Infectious diseases; Liver diseases 
Apr-2021Top End Pulmonary Hypertension Study: Understanding Epidemiology, Therapeutic Gaps and Prognosis in Remote Australian Setting.Naing P; Playford D; Strange G; Abeyaratne A; Berhane T; Joseph S; Costelloe, Ellie; Hall M; Scalia GM; Forrester DL; Falhammar H; Kangaharan NJournal Article- 
Feb-2018Trends in surgery, hospital admissions and imaging for pituitary adenomas in Australia.Crowther, Sjorjina; Rushworth, R Louise; Rankin, Wayne; Falhammar H; Phillips, Liza K; Torpy, David JJournal ArticlePituitary adenoma; Pituitary imaging; Transsphenoidal/transcranial adenomectony